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Thread: Brian Russell?

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    Brian Russell?

    I still agree keep him for 1 year more year. Maybe next year he will be 100% healthy and ready to show what he can do.

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    Brian Russell?

    like 8 post back somone said offord over chavous.OFFORD OVER CHAVOUS!chavous had a bad year that doesnt mean he sucks look at all his past seasons he is a great player i say keep him and russel

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    Brian Russell?

    Yeah Offord over Chavous at SS, for sure, offord can knock you out and he better than chavous against the run. Bigger more physical, chavous can move to FS.

    Anyways, B Rus did drop some balls this year but i dont see it happening again, i'm just happy that someone got there hands on some footballs, *cough* *cough* chavous. If B Rus doesnt start hes a great ST and a valuable backup, we'll need depth because injuries do happen. We had 0 depth at safety last year, we need to change that around.

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    Brian Russell?

    yeah man I really like russell
    Thanks for the sig Pack93z

    I love when you take breaks from plucking your unibrow and grunting/slapping to makes posts in this forum

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