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    Brian Robison - Vikings' Secret Pass Rusher Phenom

    The Minnesota Vikings' defense is famous for their exceptional pass rushing skills. The defense collected the most sacks in 2009, and they also forced more fumbles on the opposite team than any other team in the league. The Vikings had an amazing total of 35 fumbles in 2009, that's five more fumbles than the second best team. Sacks are one of the biggest moodkillers to offenses. They take the momentum from the offense, results in negative yardage, and loss of downs. Sacks also often results in fumbles (remember I told you that the Vikings had the most sacks AND forced fumbles?) and the pressure can force hurried throws that increase the chance of interceptions.

    We are living in an age where star quarterbacks can carry their teams on their shoulders if only they get a few seconds of time in the pocket. People say that the NFL has become more of a passing league. You can't argue with that. Look at what star quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are doing for their teams. It's no secret that quarterbacks are valued higher than any other position. And it's exactly because of this emergence of pass-oriented teams that pass rushers have moved higher on teams' wish lists. For instance, a defensive end has been a top four pick in every draft since 2005.

    Back to the Vikings, NFL's statisticly best pass rushing defense. There is no surprise that the Vikes racked up the most sacks in 2009. Just look at the paper. For starters, right end Jared Allen is the best pass rushing defensive end in the league. No contest! There has not been a single defensive end in the past three years that have had more sacks than Allen. That's simply amazing!

    At defensive tackle is Kevin Wiiliams who arguably is the best defensive tackle in the league. He is great at virtual every part of his game. Kevin's pass rushing skills are perhaps the best among all the tackles in the league today. He was a defensive end in college and he still has that speed to get around guards and centers.

    At the opposite side of Jared Allen is the much-less-known Ray Edwards, but don't get fooled! Ray Edwards collected 9 sacks in the 2009 regular season, and recently tormented Tony Romo and the Cowboys with five tackles (all for loss), three sacks and a forced fumble.

    What makes this line even better is the depth. I can't think of a better backup pass rushing lineman in the NFL than Brian Robison. He has incredibly explosive lower body strenght. This 26 year old juggernaut is a freak of nature and a 4th round steal in 2007. Weighting around 250 pounds in college, Robison ran the 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds, and his vertical was 44". Adrian Peterson, who is famous for his lower body explosiveness, barely runs under 4.4, and his vertical is 38".
    In fact, Robison's lower body explosiveness is so good that he could have been one of the greatest shot putters in the World.
    In college, Robison's personal best was the 11th longest throw in the World.

    Brian Robison is the backup for both defensive ends, but he also lines up on the inside in some passing situations. Unfortunately, Robison is far from being utilized on this team because the D-line is filled with already top-notch players. He is however a player that will always be a force to reckon with when he lines up to rush the passer. On third and long, I always hold my breath when I see Jared Allen lines up on one side, and Robison lines up in place of Edwards on the other. You just know that the Vikings will bring the heat on the quarterback.

    As Vikings fans, we should be grateful for having the best D-line in the league, but also the best pass rusher to back them up. Maybe some of you think that I'm on the purple juice right now, but that's how strongly I believe in this guy.

    Physically skilled, mentally obsessed
    This is an old article written right after Robison was drafted by the Vikings, but it might make you understand more of how big of a freak of nature this player really is.

    Anyway, sorry for making it so long. I got a bit carried away. :lol:

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    Re:Brian Robison - Vikings' Secret Pass Rusher Phenom

    LOL, I love it when you get carried away like that my friend.

    ESPN lists Rob at 259. I think he has added a bit more beef than that this year. Absolutely love the flexibility he brings coach Frazier.

    If Ray can't go, or isn't 100%, he is gonna have a big load to carry holding down the LDE side of the line.

    Aside from that, he's pretty cool as well. Traded several emails with me before camp opened.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re:Brian Robison - Vikings' Secret Pass Rusher Phenom

    I think he will make a nice impact against the saints and I have loved what hes done all year as a backup.

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    Re:Brian Robison - Vikings' Secret Pass Rusher Phenom

    Lookin for that explosion!

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    Re:Brian Robison - Vikings' Secret Pass Rusher Phenom

    Brian was special guest on the KMSP 10:15 Sports Show the other night. I was extremely impressed with his obvious intelligence and poise.

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    Re:Brian Robison - Vikings' Secret Pass Rusher Phenom

    I have liked Robison ever since we drafted him. It was a great pick for the Vikings, the man has a serious motor in him. I am pumped that Robison might get his chance to shine, what better motivation is there than a chance to start an NFC Championship game?

    Every damn time Robison comes into the game he is in the backfield making something happen.

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    Re:Brian Robison - Vikings' Secret Pass Rusher Phenom

    Robison is an absolute monster (not to be confused with MONSTAR). He is super fast and powerful. The time he jumped over the lineman (against the Lions in 08', possibly?) when he came in for Jared Allen was incredible. Talk about a steal. And Edwards has been absolutely incredible this year, as well. We have three awesome defensive ends.

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