BR is what I think Bchill said best in the begining of his coaching tenure.

"Little guys who hit big"
he doesn't seem to me to have the physical size of ray/Jared, but his speed, and drive seem to be that of someone 2x his size.

he did cause havoc when he got some playing time, and i hope to see that continue as the years progress. like i've said before. we really do seem to have built a very solid team, depth and starter wise. This was the goal 3 years ago and it's really coming to fruit now as we see the team, and coaching staff congeal into a playoff contending and even SB goal orientated team.

as far as his training for the shot, my dad said it best for me, "For the shotput you need, strong legs, midsection, and hands. combine those with a burst of strength and speed and pin point accuracy to launch the shot maximum distance"
These are all things that would make for a dreat DE. i for one am glad we have an olympian on the team as they are proven athlete's of world recognition. now we can always look back and say brock was an oplymic athlete. but to be honest he was more of a hands on take u down sport athlete, where BR's shot has less to do with football, but more to do with the desired physical traits
a DE should possess.

all in all, i really do agree that he will be something special in the years to come, and am very glad he's in the purple and gold.