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    Re: Brian Robison: Challenge is big, but so is confidence

    "mountainviking" wrote:
    Well, Chiller said we were a "wave rushing team," and that any DL players dressed would get time to keep them all fresh all game, so Robison should get some chances.
    Otis played well too, but the question is, with Mitchell out, who spells Ray at LDE...seems to me, that we have a bunch of RDEs and no real run stopping LDEs behind Ray.
    They said Wyms could play both, but we haven't seen that yet...or have we?
    On third and long, sure, take a page from the Giants book and throw some extra DE/pass rush in there...but on third and shorts, we're going to want the starters...No?
    I saw Otis taking alot of reps on both sides, but it did seem to me that I saw him on the LDE spot alot during the Dallas game.
    My guess is that Wyms will play a bit there as well.

    69 Allen, Jared DE ACT 6'6" 270 4/3/1982 5 Idaho State
    91 Edwards, Ray DE ACT 6'5" 268 1/1/1985 3 Purdue
    73 Grigsby, Otis DE ACT 6'3" 260 11/19/1980 2 Kentucky
    92 Mitchell, Jayme DE RES 6'6" 285 3/15/1984 3 Mississippi
    97 Wyms, Ellis DE ACT 6'3" 290 4/12/1979 8 Mississippi State
    96 Robison, Brian DE ACT 6'3" 259 4/28/1983 2 Texas
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    Re: Brian Robison: Challenge is big, but so is confidence

    I suppose I'm reaching a bit here...but, anybody else notice the similarities between Robison and Allen?
    Both 4th round picks who were condsidered a bit undersized for NFL DE, but who continued to surprise due mostly to their intensity, tenacity, and that work ethic to never quit on a play!
    With two more years experience, Robison learning from Allen and potentially putting on a couple of pounds as he matures/develops physically, I think there's a chance, that we have two beasts at RDE!!

    IF Udeze and Mitchell come back healthy next year...?
    Our DL will be even better!!

    Let the Purple People Eating Pass Rush Reign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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