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    brewer released...

    as reported in viking update. anyone got the lowdown on why?
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    brewer released...

    don't know why

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    brewer released...

    that is not happy news, i really like Brewer, i would rather have him then T Cater
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    brewer released...

    Should not make any difference. Wasn't he injured all the time?

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    brewer released...

    NO!!!! He was injured last season, for the most part, but he did make an impact when he played. He had our first blocked punt in how long? In his first season he picked Favre off in an awesome play at the dome, and did it again in the Lambeau game that would have sealed our victory, but it was called back due a P.I. call against him. Looking at the reply right afterward, it was VERY clear that he never even touched the WR he was accused of interfering with. An awesome play. He is an excellent player, I don't see the logic in this. Carter isn't better than him, not even close. This is the first time all off-season I've been mad at them. They better re-sign him.
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    brewer released...

    yeah last year but i liked his specail team play he wasn't the best safety but one of there better specail teamers: maybe hes still hurt and not healing quickly enough

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