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    Brett Favre - Theme Song

    The planets are aligned. The 2009 season is written for success. Great epic stories are on the verge of being shouted atop the mountains about these great marauding Vikings. Many songs wait to be sung out loud of the adventures and victories of these modern day Vikings. The Grassy Knoll Institute offers the first of many songs for the Vikings 2009 season.

    Sung To The Traditional Irish Tune, Danny Boy.

    Oh Brett Favre boy, the Vikes, the Vikes are playing,
    From turf to grass, and through the NFL.
    The summer’s gone and all the plays are counting,
    ‘Tis you, ’tis you must play and I must cheer.

    But come ye back when the game is on the line,
    Or when the field is hushed and white with snow.
    ‘Tis I’ll be here in shadow or in sunshine,
    O Brett Favre boy, O Brett Favre boy, we love you so.

    But if ye gaze and Rice and Percy are covered,
    If you get blitzed, and blitzed you well may be.
    You’ll see and find A.P. in the open,
    And pass a winning TD there for me.

    And you shall feel, though slow, the media turn,
    And all the wins shall warmer, sweeter be.
    For you will grow and seek for what we all yearn,
    And I will cheer and wait until we win it all.



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    Re: Brett Favre - Theme Song

    If you liked that one, you also might enjoy....

    Sung To The Tune, Greensleeves

    Alas, Brett Favre, you do us wrong,
    To cast us off discourteously.
    For we despised you well and long,
    Delighting in your retirement.

    Brett Favre with all our might,
    Brett Favre we will smite,
    Brett Favre he wore green and gold,
    And now is our QB Brett Favre.



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