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    Re:Brett Favre is going to be a Grandpa!

    Brett Favre still unaware the father of his grandchild is Aaron Rodgers

    Brett Favre has confirmed that his daughter, Brittany, recently gave birth to a son, making him a grandfather for the first time. But what the 40-year-old quarterback apparently does not know is that the father of his unmarried daughter's child is his former backup in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers. "It's true," said one of Brittany's friends. "They met when her dad was still in Green Bay, and they hook up from time to time. Britt doesn't have the heart to tell Brett." Rodgers also confirmed it's true. "Oh, yeah. Definitely," he said offering a high-five to everyone in the room. "I knocked up Favre's little girl. That's my baby. Suck it, Brett. I hope it looks exactly like me, beard and everything. And I can't wait until he watches the sex tape of us that I sent him that I titled 'Favre Highlights.'"
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    Re:Brett Favre is going to be a Grandpa!

    Will being a Grampa and holding his Grandson finally be the straw that makes Brett retire?

    I can see him 3 months down the road playing with the kid and him thinking I am worth hundreds of millions of dollars and why do I need to take the abuse anymore.

    3 weeks ago I thought it was a sure thing he would be back next year, this could change that.
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    Re:Brett Favre is going to be a Grandpa!

    vikinggreg wrote:
    Now its one thing to be made a second stringer to a QB that your coach talked out of retiring, twice, but to have it happen a third time and the guys a grandpa.

    Really? I'm backen up gramps? Really? He didn't retire? Really?
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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