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    Brees, Culpepper working to attract new suitors

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    [size=18px]Brees, Culpepper working to attract new suitors[/size]
    [size=9px]By Adam Schefter[/size]

    (March 2, 2006) -- Talks at an extension for the collective-bargaining agreement are back on again, as are talks to trade quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

    One NFL team confirmed that the Vikings have begun shopping Culpepper again, ascertaining whether another team would be willing to deal for him.

    At this point, it looks as if the Baltimore Ravens won't. The Vikings and Ravens have spoken, but now Baltimore does not seem to have any interest in dealing for Culpepper. Others, however, might.

    One of the major reasons the Vikings even will consider dealing Culpepper is his relationship with Minnesota coach Brad Childress. The two have butted heads, and their relationship is off to a strained start that would need some repairing.

    The big concern to other teams is Culpepper's knee. However, those close to Culpepper believe he is going to be completely recovered from his knee injury and that the quarterback is rehabbing almost freakishly. Culpepper appears obsessed to return to the form he had in 2004, not 2005, and is doing what he can during his workouts to ensure this. He already is doing footwork drills on land.

    If Culpepper can prove to other teams he is healthy, then the chances of a trade will increase. But there should be some resolution to the story by March 17, the date that the quarterback's $6 million roster bonus is due.

    Chargers quarterback Drew Brees has been given a doctor's note, trying to prove he will be healthy for the coming season.

    And, just as important, for the coming free-agent season.

    Brees is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent at 12:01 a.m. ET on March 6, and his doctor, Dr. James Andrews, issued a statement that declared his patient ahead of schedule in his recovery.

    "At this point, he is eight-plus weeks post-op and is ahead of schedule relative to his healing process and recovery," said Andrews, who performed rotator cuff surgery on Brees on Jan. 5. "He has divided his time here in Birmingham, Ala., working under our shoulder rehab specialist Kevin Wilk, along with rehabbing in San Diego.

    "Our plan is to start him on an interval football throwing program at the four-month interval, which will allow him to participate in some drills during an anticipated May mini-camp."

    With Brees on the road to recovery, teams are expected to enter a bidding war for his services. The two teams expected to most woo Brees are the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions, each team with significant quarterback issues the Chargers quarterback could solve.

    But at this point, it now seems clear Brees will not return to San Diego. Look for him to be in Miami or Detroit, unless another sleeper team enters the bidding.
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    Re: Brees, Culpepper working to attract new suitors

    i had posted the link and the D. C part in an allready over done D.C thread.

    can't let go thread


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    Re: Brees, Culpepper working to attract new suitors

    NOT AGAIN! Ughh...

    I can't wait til March 17 so all of this crap will end.

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    Re: Brees, Culpepper working to attract new suitors

    Sorry...double post.

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