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Thread: Brandon Short

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    Brandon Short

    I think I'll change my mind. I wasn't aware Rodgers was moved back to End. Which is really dumb.

    Johnstone can only play 20 downs. There are a lot more than that in a game.

    I really don't want Williams to move back to End. That isn't his position, didn't everyone notice how much better our defense, more specifically our dline did when he was on the inside.

    With Mixon's future in Limbo, the fact that, since we released Talance Sawyer, We only have a guy who can play 20 downs in Johnstone. So we don't have a guy at either end.

    The SMART thing to do, would be to move Nick Rodgers to OLB, where he is good. That would take care of a need at OLB, but still leave us wth 2 wholes at DE. Or we could leave him at DE, and have 3 wholes to fill unstead of 2. However, I'm going to change my mind and hope we go after Short.

    I'm getting less and less optomistic about next season.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Brandon Short

    With Mixon in Limbo, Tony Bracken's is looking better and better. I still hope Smith drops down to us though.
    I may be an a$$, but at least I m a smart one

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    Brandon Short

    I will stick with my original opinion and hope the get Short he plays
    with alot of intensity and does his job every down and if things go our way
    Smith will still be there at 19--we shall see
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    Brandon Short

    He is gone. Just signed with the Carolina Panthers.

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    Brandon Short

    And he came pretty cheap, I think it was like a million a year for three years & around a million of signing bonus $$$$

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