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Thread: Brain Scouting

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    Brain Scouting

    This is from an article that I found on that "High Voltage News" ticker at the bottom of the front page. This is a perspective I hadn't heard of before when it comes to draft scouting.

    This time, Chargers listen to doctor
    May 5, 2004

    Thanks to Albany Times Union writer Brian Ettkin, Chargers fans now have a new perspective on prospective quarterbacks.

    "The Brain Doctor has examined the New York Giants' new quarterback," writes Ettkin. "The prognosis: Eli Manning may become a good quarterback, make a Pro Bowl or two, but greatness will elude him because his brain isn't wired like that of his brother, Peyton.

    "The six-figure diagnostician is Jonathan Niednagel. He works for the Boston Celtics and Denver Nuggets but can scout in any sport because he says what he does, 'brain typing,' turns the art of player evaluations into science. Niednagel claims that by studying a person's facial expressions, body movement and speech, he can determine the genetic design that largely influences his behavior and motor skills.

    "Once he knows which of the 16 brain types a player is, the Brain Doctor says he can predict his likelihood of succeeding.

    "Eli's an ISFT (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Thinking).

    "'It's a good one,' says Niednagel. . . 'It's not one to be embarrassed about, but it's not the top one.'

    "Some call it pseudoscience. Others, including NBA GMs Danny Ainge, Kiki Vandeweghe and Kevin McHale, swear by Niednagel."

    Brain Doctor II
    "Niednagel is known for foreseeing Ryan Leaf's fall," continues Ettkin in the Times Union. "Working for the Chargers before the 1998 NFL draft, the Brain Doctor accompanied Chargers GM Bobby Beathard to Pullman, Wash., where he observed Leaf.

    "Afterward, Niednagel warned Beathard that drafting Leaf was a bad risk, an evaluation contradicting popular opinion that Leaf was Peyton Manning's equal as a quarterback prospect.

    " 'I wish we had had more exposure to John at that time, so we would have put more weight on his evaluation,' Beathard said. 'He was right, because he flat-out told us not to draft him.' "

    Brain Doctor III
    Ettkin adds in his Times Union piece: "Many of the best quarterbacks share the optimal brain type for quarterbacks, ESTP (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving), including Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre, Joe Namath and Peyton Manning.

    "The Brain Doctor said quarterbacks who share the ISFT brain type with Eli Manning are Warren Moon, Steve McNair, Daunte Culpepper, Doug Williams, Jeff Rutledge, Tony Banks and Chris Redman.

    "They process information slower than ESTPs. Whereas Peyton makes decisions quickly, Eli hesitates, ponders and reflects more, the Brain Doctor said.

    "Whereas Peyton possesses superior spacial sense that aids his decision making, Eli relies on instincts.

    "They handle failure differently, too.

    " 'If Eli throws an interception, that will bother him more than Peyton,' the Brain Doctor said. 'He'll stew on it.'

    "Eli possesses obvious physical ability but won't 'think as well on his feet,won't see the field as well under pressure,' the Brain Doctor said, and is more likely 'to short-circuit in the biggest of pressures and the biggest of games.' "

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    Brain Scouting

    Thats pretty interesting. I agree 100% he may be good, but I don't think he'll ever be great. I guess time will tell

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    Brain Scouting

    i think thats all B.S.

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    Brain Scouting

    Quote: "won't 'think as well on his feet,won't see the field as well under pressure,' the Brain Doctor said, and is more likely 'to short-circuit in the biggest of pressures and the biggest of games.' "

    I'd be willing to bet DeKnee Green's an ISFT too :lol:

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    Brain Scouting

    I actually am finishing up my Masters thesis on temperament types. That's all pretty interesting. Myers-Briggs is often used to measure things like work teams or predicting success on the job, but I've never seen individual profiles used like that.

    I'm an ENTP, by the way.
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    Brain Scouting

    I am just slow but I knew Ryan Leaf was not an NFL quality QB. I have a different name for it though I call it heart.
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    Brain Scouting

    Weird @ss anyalysis by dr. brian.
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    Brain Scouting

    Interesting thought. I think however that it all depends on the persons reactions when they first come up against a challenge. You can't assume how a person will react or perform based on a personality. Little story on this:

    I have never been anybody that has been know as a great or even good physical specimen. However I joined the Army right out of High School in 89. All through basic I struggled with the physical side of things and most of the Drills figured there was no way I would pass the PT test. When I went to take it somehow I managed to do more pushups and situps then ever before (just enough to pass) and did the run faster then before also.

    It all comes down to HEART. If you need to accomplish something sometimes HEART will take you where physical abilities won't!
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    Brain Scouting

    I've been kind of dissapointed with Eli ever since the draft when he whined about playing for the bolts, but I'm still convinced he's the best quarterback in the draft, and will be very, very good. Maybe not quite as good as Peyton, but he's definately pro-bowl caliber, I don't base this off that Brain scan thing, but off of seeing him play. And if you don't think he has heart or a will to win you are a retard. The best game he played in colllege was against LSU, the (controversial) champions of College football, when Ole Miss played LSU, Eli almost single handedly won them that game, he saw the whole field well, threw an absolutely beautiful deep ball to single covered recievers, he dumped it off to the fullback when he had to, and the entire game he was massively pressured from LSU's D. And they lost by like 2 or 3 points, but their Kicker missed 3 field goals that were all like 35 yarders. I keep to my opinion that Eli's going to be good in this league.
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    Brain Scouting

    The Mannings are gay, cuz Archie wanted his youngest son to be on a famous team that will be good in the next couple of years.
    Go Vikes!

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