Very nice read my friend.
Just a few comments though.

There were a bunch of losses and a furious fan base who didn't yet understand the long-range plan.
Not normally a "I told you so" kindof guy, however, not everyone missed the vision/big picture.

By taking Reid's model and tweaking it to fit his more run-oriented personnel, Childress has made the Vikings the favorite to earn the second NFC wild-card berth.
Tweaking my ass.
Reid's offense isn't even close to what the Ole Chiller and Co run.

Huge, very athletic OL that does both ZB and Man Block very well (well its getting there).
Most on here believed the Chiller was insane for trying to implement a ZB scheme with the big guys.
Hell, most of the press and posters on here missed the fact that his "Pass First" offense wasn't a pass first offense.
If it was then why the hell did he:

1. Implement the ZB scheme?

2. Get a banger like CT?

3. Sign a guy like Hutch?

4. Draft a banger like AD?
All the signs were there that this would be a run first offense.
That my friends is 180 degrees from what is being run in Philly.
Hell the make up of the team isn't even close.

1. Coach Ried only carries 1 FB and 3 TEs.

2. The Vikings carry 3 FB's and 3 TE's.

3. On Defense the Iggles carry 8 LB's and the Vikes carry 6.

Face it, spin it however you want, the similarities are nothing more than a few coincidences and I bet if you could get the Chiller alone, in a room, off the record, he would tell you that there are huge differences in the way the approach the game, get the team ready and ultimately try to win.

"We live in a society that wants instant gratification," Childress said. "Nobody wants to hear about a long-term plan. They see Jon Gruden and Sean Payton winning in Year 1 and want to know why we can't do the same thing.
Hang in there Chiller, some of us can see what the organization (and not just the Chiller) are trying to do.

If its broke, fix it I say and damnit, it was broke when he got here, I don't care how many times most of you throw up that damn 9-7 record.
The previous regime was a mere semblance of Denny's program, hadn't drafted well and couldn't win on the road (especially if the road game was on grass).

Out with the old, in with the new.
Heres to a very bright future my friends that isn't anything like what Coach Reid is doing in Philly but rather what this organization (not just the Chiller) is doing in MN.