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    Re: Brad Johnson needs a little help

    "Purple" wrote:
    Brad had ONE bad game, against the Patriots. Rex Grossman's had two, but you don't hear a clamour for him to be benched.

    Besides, who exactly would we play? Brooks Bollinger?!

    Brad needs better play calling (which is FAR too predictable), Wide Receivers who can actually catch the ball and the over-paid offensive line to start earning their money on pass protection.
    Brad has yet to have a good game.
    I will take my chances on bollinger or jackson right now.
    Anything is better than that crap they call a QB in johnson.
    He cannot score for us, he should not be playing.
    We need TD's not field goals.
    You republican whore!

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    Re: Brad Johnson needs a little help

    Definitley coulda used some FG's against SF, but we definitley do need TD's. But Bollinger won't be much better. There is a reason he has been a career backup. TJ is prob not ready. I say if we get blown out, or if we blow someone out(hopefully the fudgepackers) we put TJ in the 4th
    Wait, if there's cat food in this bag............................

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