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    Re: Brad Johnson -- Future Hall of Famer?

    I agree with eveyone that as of today he isn't even considered.


    if he were to win a 2nd Super Bowl this year, with a different team and winning it at 38 years old.
    I think he would get consideration, but ultimately it would be tough for him to get in.

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    Re: Brad Johnson -- Future Hall of Famer?

    I would go as far as saying that even if he would win the SB this year and then retire he would not get in.
    In his case his quiet plodding along as a consistent wandering QB during his career it will take two more SB wins for him to be considered or else something uncharacteristic like really standing out in something other than percentage of completions.
    He has a long way to go to get into the HOF or to even be considered.

    I am really happy that at this point in time he is the Vikings QB and that we had him signed when Daunte pulled his magical fiasco.
    That is a whole different game.

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    Re: Brad Johnson -- Future Hall of Famer?

    When you have a player that has a tough time staying with a team for more than a few years, then you know he shouldn't be a hall of famer. if the vikings didn't sign him a few years back, who knows if anyone would have went after him. in order for me to give him serious consideration, he would have had to been the one to lead us in '98 and at least make it to sb xxxiii. but one super bowl doesn't get you in. if it went that way, trent dilfer would make the hof a joke.

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