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Thread: Brad Childress

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Brad Childress

    "whackthepack" wrote:

    There is no way anybody can tell what a team is going to do in preseason game with a new coach, new systems and semi player overhaul!
    So this is a foolish bet (unless your talking 2 dollars between friends) but if you are laying down bets on a offshore website you need serious help.

    If the guy lost a $1,000 dollars because he took the Vikes to win outright and Childress could have tied the MEANINGLESS game and sent it into overtime, and he is mad about it?
    Tough sh*t if you are that stupid!
    give me 500:1 odds and I'll bet every game in the preseason.

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    Re: Brad Childress

    I am very comfortable with Childress right now and think that the new system may take hold a little faster than many expect.

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    Re: Brad Childress

    "Prophet" wrote:
    give me 500:1 odds and I'll bet every game in the preseason.
    Yeah Vegas and the off shore bookies give 500 to 1 odds all the time.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Brad Childress

    I really like Brad Childress, and the other coaches as well.. Childress was very calm last night, and looked like a guy that has been a HC for years..

    He actually deserved to win his opening game last night.. Marcus Robinson dropped a sure TD catch, I believe it was Owens who dropped a Tarvaris Jackson pass that was on the 3 yard line that would have been a easy TD.. JT O'Sullivan over threw on some passes, and also made a stupid play trying to make something happen, and got sacked for a huge loss that took us right out of FG range.. I guess he did learn something from Favre in those years in GB..

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    Re: Brad Childress

    true ultra, but that new car is sure fun to look at and then drive.

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    Re: Brad Childress

    Is it just me or did childress look as if hes been a viking all along.If u watched him on the sideline its like hes always worn that vikings shirt

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    Re: Brad Childress

    Still got to wait and see, but I don't see anything wrong with what Childress is doing right now. I like the discipline our whole team was showing, I'm generally enjoying the newfound aggression in our D (especially seeing the linebackers getting to the opposing QB!!!), and I thought our 1st string did a pretty good job taking a methodical approach to clock management and screens on our TD drive.

    One thing that cracked me up: Did anybody else laugh out loud when Theismann and Co. were hyping Brad Childress about how intensive he is when they said "He even supposedly keeps a file on each player!" What the hell kind of $million+ coach/owner/manager WOULDN'T?? Good god!

    Also, last night was my first time seeing Childress with the hat and 'phones on; I chuckled because I thought he looks like the exterminator guy on "King of the Hill."
    NMA --

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    Re: Brad Childress

    I'm taking the wait & see approach. I like Childress alot more than Tice thus far as the team seems more organized & the D looked dang scary at times. I know it was only one game, and against Oakland, but so far I like what I see. Having said that, I think by week 8 I'll know if I dig this head coach or not. Even if we have a crappy record, but show alot of heart & desire to be better, I'll be impressed. One step at a time, fellas

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    Re: Brad Childress

    I'll take the wait and see approach after only one preseason game![img width=90 height=156][/img]

    Lo there, do I see the line of my People...Back to the Beginning.
    Lo do They call to me...They bid me take my Place among the Halls of VALHALLA where t

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    Re: Brad Childress

    "Prophet" wrote:
    Well, I have 14 words for you.

    Preseason is fun.
    That's 14 letters.

    And I've got 22 for you.

    Pre-season is meaningless.

    Last year, the Indianapolis Colts were 0-5 in the Pre-Season and finished 14-2.
    On the flip-side, the Panthers went 4-0 in the Pre-Season in 2004 and missed the playoffs.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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