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    Brad, 5th "most efficient" QB ever

    I was jogging yesterday and ran into a guy I know walking over to watch the Bears game. He had on an Urlacher jersey. After the obligatory "hey man, the Bears stink" greeting, we got to talking. In the discussion, he told me that Vikings QB Brad Johnson is "the 5th most efficient quarterback in NFL history", in terms of completion percentage and lack of interceptions. I thought that was an interesting stat. You always hear about QB rating, but "efficiency" is an interesting way to look at it.

    Just wanted to throw that in for the discussion...

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    Re: Brad, 5th "most efficient" QB ever

    I live here in Tampa and follow the Buc's to some extent (just waiting for them to collapse and not get a call their way this year) and also I have the head of the Buc's scouting department living (seriously) right next to me.

    I have on numerous occasions asked her and any other Buc fan out there if they have any good reason why Gruden dumped Brad Johnson. The fans have never even given me a reason, much less a good one. But the scout head really doesn't have a concrete answer either. She said from what she has seen and/or heard is just that Gruden was ready to go in another direction and when Brad had two bad games last year (it wasn't him, their O-Line was Sooooo bad) Gruden took his opportunity and ran with it by benching BJ.

    So, in my mind, we now have a back-up QB who is starting for us that has a Ring and never has done anything to be cut from a team other then the team wanting to go in another direction. It's nothing against him. So, Props to Brad and may he continue his streak of ugly stat games as long as WE KICK THE PACKS A$$ TONIGHT and just win baby!!!!!

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    Re: Brad, 5th "most efficient" QB ever

    In the offseason, I heard an interview with Brad Johson on ESPN radio. He said, he already knows our offense and the system. The calls are still the same in terms of the names they give them, too. Not much has changed in all those years. And Brad also said that he considers the Vikings more than just any team. It is clear he didn't just want to pick any team and go where the money was. He said, he wanted to go to a team he felt good with, and which had a chance to win it all...

    I agree with you, we are very lucky to have Brad back in "the family". I mean, look at the Eagles' situation. It really shows what a decent backup can do, and what a bad one can't do...

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