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    Bob Rainey - He's One Of Us..., Well Sort Of

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    While he's not a member of PPO, at least as far as I know, PP.Oer's familiar with Twin Cities media will recognize Bob Rainey, sports anchor at WCCO TV.

    I've always liked the guy, but my wife asked me to look at his bio on-line.
    I think I like him more now.
    He was raised in New York, but was always a Viking's fan, and this, in part, brought him to the Twin Cities.

    Here's his bio:

    Bob Rainey is a sports reporter at WCCO-TV. He joined the WCCO-TV staff in 2004 but has been in television for almost 20 years. He began in his hometown, Rochester, N.Y., but has also worked in Cincinnati, Louisville, Philadelphia and Nashville.

    Since he was a kid, Bob has been obsessed with sports. Growing up, he dreamed of being a pro athlete. He was a standout in both football and basketball while in high school, but once he entered college, he decided to pursue a career as a sportscaster.

    Bob has a B.S. in broadcast journalism from Xavier University in Cincinnati. While in college, he got involved with the university's radio station and hosted his own show. This led him to a career in television reporting and anchoring.

    Bob has covered the World Series, Super Bowl, major college bowl games and tons of NCAA tournament hoops. Although he has covered many big name stars, he says his favorite players to cover are the ones who have achieved despite adversity and aren't in the limelight.

    Bob thinks the coolest things he has done was meet Muhammad Ali and follow Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods in the 2000 PGA Championship. Hanging out with Denzel Washington on a set of a movie back in 1996 in Philly was also pretty cool.

    Bob's dream was to come and work in Minneapolis so he could follow his favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings. He calls purple people "my people" and said that although he has lived in the East and the South, he likes the Midwest the best, despite the rough winters.

    Bob says the winters may be cold but the people are warm and he looks forward to getting to know the community.

    Bob says he is an avid, but struggling golfer. He also likes to workout.

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    Re: Bob Rainey - He's One Of Us..., Well Sort Of

    Someone in the media based in the TC that admits to being a Viking fan? The hacks on the local papers will be looking to get his bus fare out of town. This could mean someone giving the team positive press and that would never do ! ;D
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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