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    Blue hit vid, Troy drops vid, other Vikes stuff


    Check it out if ya want.
    Blue's painful hit, Troy's drops (a different kind of pain), other Vikings analysis/crap

    I left the sound in the Blue hit; added to the experience IMO.

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    Re: Blue hit vid, Troy drops vid, other Vikes stuff

    Normally I see this as spamming.

    However, you got some good vids.


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    Re: Blue hit vid, Troy drops vid, other Vikes stuff

    Dr. Z is legitimate!
    The man has been providing Viking videos on the Kansas VMB for a couple of years now and the break downs and play analysis are unmatched.
    He should look for a job with ESPN cause those jackasses can't hold a candle to the Doctor!

    Great job as always Doc! 8)

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    Re: Blue hit vid, Troy drops vid, other Vikes stuff

    nice vids..

    i'm glad i get to watch the games.. had i not been so lucky this year i'd be praisin yer name.


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