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Thread: The blame game.

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    The blame game.

    I know football is a team sport, but who do YOU hold responsible for single handedly losing the game for us?

    There are no wrong answers.

    T-Jack: I hate to say it, but I have to put a lot of this on his shoulders. His first interception cost us 3 points that would have sealed the deal. His other 3 picks didn't help us much. Very poor play.

    Ryan Cook: Absolutely the worst effort I've ever seen put into any sport. Period. I know Cory Redding is an above average player, but this is ridiculous. Cook had plays where he never even got a hand on his guy. It was pathetic.

    Chad Greenway: Greenway dropped an interception that possibly would have been a touchdown or at least given us excellent field position. He also got baked a few times that just stood out to for some reason.

    Marcus McCaulley: We don't have Greg Blue anymore? Sigh... Marcus tried to lay a hit on Kitna towards the end, and he almost laid himself out. Horrible, horrible, horrible tackling effort all day long. We say this a lot, but I truly believe I could have tackled better than him yesterday.

    Ryan Longwell:
    I don't blame him too much, but I think anytime a kicker has a chance to win and doesn't, you have to hold him accountable somewhat.

    And finally.........


    We draft Sidney Rice and make him stand on the sidelines and watch Robert Ferguson drop passes. Awesome. Late rounds picks like Marques Colston and other rookie WR's can all play and even start their rookie years, but not our guys. Use your frickin head Childress.

    Also, why invest so much in our left side of the line, and then run to the right all day? Eventually you would think Chilly would put help on the right side that was getting abused all day, but nope. Shades of last years panthers game anyone? Cook obviously couldn't handle a fat midget trying to get through, so I guess that means we should keep running to his side. And 3rd and 1's. Yup. No QB skill at all yesterday, and the supposed best left side of the line in football. It should be obvious at this point what to at least attempt. But the logical step isn't in Childress' mind.

    Bonus hate rant time now.

    Brooks Bollinger is now officially, officially the most worthless player in history. Fumbling snaps is childish and elementary. Way to lose us the game, homo. I knew, as did a lot of you, that when we traded CJ Mosley for him, that we were in trouble. The guy doesn't have it. It's obvious. I love to hate this guy. I usually go for the North Dakota boys who make it, but every time I see Bollinger in uniform I get sick to my stomach. Please, for the love of God, cut this man Childress! I'll even take out a loan and pay the salary cap hit.

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    Re: The blame game.

    Isn't this what we are doing in the Fire Brad and start Holcumb thread?

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    Re: The blame game.

    I blame either Culpepper or Childress. I can't decide which one yet.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: The blame game.

    Theres only one guilty¿,his name? I tell you, BRAD JOHNSON
    , Start Tarvaris please!!!

    Oh sorry , I forgot Tarvaris
    was our QB ,uhmmmm then Brad Johnson is the guilty one,as I suspect. 8)

    El underdog.

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    Re: The blame game.

    "baumy300" wrote:
    [b]Brooks Bollinger is now officially, officially the most worthless player in history.
    I think Drew Henson was worse.

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    Re: The blame game.

    The announcers were blaming our DBs technique most of the game.

    Greenway, noway.
    That almost INT would have been a TD.
    He knew it.
    I think that was a tipped ball at the line.
    Chad was headed to lay a hit when that ball was tipped and then he had to react to the tip.
    Maybe he would have had that ball if it wasn't tipped then you would have to blame KW for doing his job.

    Ya, Longwell should have made that kick.
    Game over, we win!
    2-0 tied with the pack.
    But now we are tied with the Super Bowl runner up at 1-1.

    McCaulley looked like a deer in the headlights with Roy and CJ playing the deer. LOL!
    I think he might have been awe struck.
    He is young and he has the potential.

    If TJ is more efficient, it would be easier to run the ball.
    TJ has to get better with his passes.
    Last year, I saw some touch on his passes, this year, he looks and act like he has been watching the "Gun Slinger Throws Bullets and INTs" highlight reel of Brett Farve.
    TJ was throwing off his front foot, his back foot, and the jump pass all in one game.
    He wasn't poised against Det at all, don't even try to say that the two spikes were poised.
    The WR came back to the huddle and said we got to get a play off quick, sure of that one.
    Also the other spike, not sure if that helped us, we lost a few yards on that one, and then watched Longwell's attempt doink the upright.

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    Re: The blame game.

    In the following order

    OL (all of it)
    OL Coach.

    I like these negative threads.
    I hope we loose more games so I can chime in on them.
    They are so much more fun than the "Damn we won one" threads.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: The blame game.

    Actually, we didn't play really that bad, except for a few things we need to work on.
    The most important one is that T-Jack HAS TO be more heady when faced with a pass blitz he cannot proceed to.
    He has to be smarter than that which is simple, take what the blitz gives you.
    When you are outside the pocket and you have nothing, throw the ball away where noone can get it.

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    Re: The blame game.

    We knew what to expect when this season came.
    We knew that our pass defense was contingent upon whether we fixed our pass rush on the front 4.
    We didn't do too bad a job on it.
    Remember that on a particular play, Kevin Williams bust through to give Ray E, from Cincinnati, a fumble recovery for a T.D.
    We didn't play too horrible.
    There are just a few things we need to work out.
    We absolutely cannot have T-Jack making decisions where he is throwing four or five INT's a game.
    That is just poor decision making.
    We cannot have him just throwing the ball up for grabs.
    An indicator of that was when the week before, he threw the ball out of bounds on a would be sack.
    We can change the mind set on this though.
    We didn't give him much time to throw either.
    We must have Sydney Rice on the field though.
    I wonder if he is hurt?
    Doesn't make sense to me that he is not playing.
    All in all, I still believe we didn't play badly.
    With all of the turnovers, we should have lost by way more.
    The defense kept us in the game.
    But the defense cannot carry the load all year, the offense has to start putting points on the board.
    I wonder if the WCO still looks good for the YAC?
    Didn't see hardly any YAC.
    Brad, you better change the offensive scheme soon.
    It just doesn't work for us.
    If you still believe in it, and we are scoring one offensive t.d.'s after every two games, then there is a problem.

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    Re: The blame game.


    you're a pro! inside a dome! game winner

    how can he not be blamed for this?

    even though you can blame it on our O and D it all came down to that moment

    and he blew it

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