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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    Who does everything think the 3 players were? I bet they were bench players most likley.. Mike Bennett is one I think.. Not sure about the rest? Ralph Brown?

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    Speculate on who you think are the 3 players that made comments to the reporter after the meeting.

    If people have a beef with Tice that is between them, and I can understand if they do. But if they are going to say something, put your name to it and be a man!

    Michael Bennett, pissed because he isn't starting and Tice benched him for fumbling. He has been whining for about 3 weeks now. He made a comment about his being taken out, and indirectly made a comment about C-pep staying in after his turn-overs.

    Brian Williams, he was mad that they brought in Smoot and did not give him the contract extension he wanted and took away his starting spot.

    Corey Chavous, he was not given a contract extension either and Vikes looked at replacing him.

    Darren Sharper, I do not know if he is thrilled with our coaching staff in the first place (I can't really blame him for that), and I do not think he likes or D schemes. He has made some comments that makes me wonder if he thinks that the coaches are good.

    Dontarrious Thomas, he has been demoted and Tice has taken some shots at him for his play. The might have been deserved shots, but it could have created hard feeling towards Tice.

    Mewelde Moore, him and Tice have not really gotten along. Tice made comments about him not being tough enough and did not really play him much after he healthy.

    If you can think of more people that might have a beef with Tice (besides the whole team), put it down interested to hear who has problems.

    Here is a quote from Sharper and another from Smoot.

    I think that Sharper is having a problem, he has been making comments the last few weeks that have been shots at the coaching staff. I do not care if he likes them, that is not his job! His job is to go out and play, and if at the end of the year you do not want to be here than leave! But until that point shut up and play!!!

    I think he is 1 of the three guys!!

    Hopefully our coaches put in a better plan from here on out, but it is not Sharpers job to plan the game. It is his job to go out and execute and to play to the best of his ability and try as hard as he can.

    This is from KFAN.

    Reaction from the players was overwhelmingly positive, with only safety Darren Sharper teetering a bit.

    “Consultant’s are good when you need to work on your taxes,� Sharper joked.

    Cornerback Fred Smoot, however, went through the same thing in Washington and welcomed the move.

    “You bring in some outside figure that knows the game to assist what you’re doing and can probably tell you what you can do better with the personnel you have,� Smoot said. “So yeah, that’s good.�
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Tice thinking of quitting ?

    According to a blurb in John Czarnecki's column on Fox , Tice mentioned to some of his players that he was thinking of quitting. This supposedly happened in Atlanta right after they lost. Anyone else heard anything on this ??

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    Re: Tice thinking of quitting ?

    there have been a couple of other topics about this. i believe what happened is that some of the players felt he had "quit" on them and they were mad at him about it.

    Thanks Josdin

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