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    Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    I know this is a new thread, but I believe it's a different twist on all the negativity in the Tice & Co. thread.

    Owner's plan includes more coaching help; Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting


    Pioneer Press

    Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said Tuesday night that Mike Tice will remain the team's coach for the rest of the season.

    Wilf said he plans to support Tice by hiring coaching help and consultants immediately.

    "He's with me this whole season," Wilf said of Tice. "We're concentrating on giving him the manpower and coaching advice to make the team better."

    That help will include bringing in former Vikings defensive coordinator Foge Fazio as a consultant as well as longtime NFL offensive coordinator Jerry Rhome. Fazio and Rhome are expected to be at Winter Park later this week evaluating the schemes and players and providing their analysis.

    "These are two close friends that I trust," Tice said of Fazio and Rhome. "I called them and asked them as a friend to help out and they accepted."

    Rhome, who was Tice's first professional coach, could stay longer, Tice said. Rhome has served as offensive coordinator with the Houston Oilers, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams. Rhome, who was quarterbacks coach for the 1987 Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins, could work with Daunte Culpepper.

    Vikings offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Steve Loney suggested to Tice the possibility of bringing in Rhome on the flight home from a 30-10 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night that dropped the Vikings to 1-3.

    "There's going to be more constructive improvement going forward than there was in the previous ownership," Wilf said. "We think we can do more. We hope that can translate to a better team.

    "I'll pay for it. If (Tice) wants it, I'll pay for it."

    Wilf's vote of confidence and offer of cash came a day after Tice called a meeting with his players, characterized as a candid "state of the Vikings." Though Tice said his message was an attempt to get the team to pull together and not quit, three players said the coach had questioned the effectiveness of his own leadership and even mentioned considering resigning. Some players said after the meeting they felt Tice had quit on them.

    [b]Pro Bowl center Matt Birk, who is out for the season after hip surgery, did not agree with the players who questioned Tice's resolve.

    "I've talked to the veterans and people I respect on the team, and 99 percent of the guys are committed to the team and committed to getting this thing turned around," Birk said in a phone interview Tuesday. "They didn't take the meeting yesterday as Mike Tice wanted to quit. Being 1-3 kills Mike Tice as much as anyone else and he wants to get this thing fixed."

    Birk was upset at the three players who relayed details of Monday's meeting to the Pioneer Press.

    "First of all, that meeting was supposed to be confidential," Birk said. "That (ticks) me off. The last thing said in the meeting was, 'Let's keep this between us.'

    "At no time did Mike Tice say he was quitting. The whole point of the meeting was he was not quitting. And by having that meeting, it was for the benefit of the team, to try and figure out how we can turn this thing around."

    Birk also was frustrated that the players who questioned Tice spoke to the Pioneer Press anonymously.

    "They're unnamed, because they're not with the team," Birk said. "They're trying to tear us apart. They're unhappy with their personal situations."[/b]

    Wilf said he was not taken aback by the anonymous comments of the players.

    "I'm not concerned," the owner said. "I spoke to people at the office, and I'm not concerned."

    Wilf stressed that he does not consider the season lost and that he believes the team can still compete for a playoff berth. No team in the Vikings' division, the NFC North, has more than one victory.

    "We're right now in the division race,' he said. "We need to win our division and we need to refocus right now. We're going to do all that's necessary to help coach Tice so we can win the division. As the season unfolds, we'll work to get better."


    I love Birk & have a lot of respect for him. He has always been a team player & a stand-up guy. Obviously, he believes in Tice & sees & knows something that we as fans aren't privy to. Wilf & the other players do as well. They're the ones with the 1st hand knowledge of what's going on & not the media or critics.

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    Matt Birk is going to Heaven.

    I like Fazio, can the move really help? Sounds good to me though. I respect the fact that they are going to honor Tice's contract. I also respect the fact that Wilf cleared that up, maybe Mike Tice can have a little job security and free up some of his worries for the team.

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    they have no choice but to let him stay the rest of the season. if they were to fire him who would they have to replace him? cottrell? i hope not. the only way that would work is if either another team fired their HC, or we convinced someone to come out of retirement

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    Oh he has plenty of choices.

    I think he did the right thing by letting Tice finish the season, but if Wilf wanted to he could have sent Tice packing. It has happened before.

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    I'm actually really encouraged by this. Zygi sounds like he wants to win, and will spend the dollars to do so. We could never say the same about Red.

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    I say we find out who the three players who leaked the meeting info...and make them run WIND SPRINTS until they DROP!!!!

    Too bad Wilf can't go back and change his mind about not paying Birk to play through his pain this season though! That has to have been the worst decision in his brief tenure as the owner! At least for the short term.

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    Tice should have brought big Dave Dixon to training camp, he would be a big help on our line right now.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    Like Birk said, it was probably player that aren't playing and are trying to stir the pot cause they don't like their own situation and they probably don't like Tice.

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    flying in consultants is a cool thing to do...however, maybe the vikes should hire them as assistant coaches because ours stink.

    i hope this will work. loney obviously has no clue what he is doing.

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    Re: Birk upset by leak of details from Monday meeting

    I am a fan of Tice but I do agree that the team needs a better leader. I think keeping him for the rest of the season and bringing in outside consultants is the best thing Zygi can do too. Zygi knows that Cottrell is not HC material because his defense is not performing to the level of talent. It would be like replacing Dumb with Dumber (or vise versa :grin.

    I hope this works. There is no other team in the league (other than Patriots) that does not have a full time offensive coordinator. I think that might have something to do with the lack of coordination we have when the offense is on the field!

    The coaching staff is under manned (Thanks Red!) and stretched thin. Hopefully bringing in coaching help will allow coaches to focus more on their assignments than help patch holes. If the coaching staff can bring consistency, the team has the talent to bring the wins.

    The division is still wide open. As bad as the record maybe we're still in the hunt for a playoff berth. This bye week couldn't have come at a better time. We have time to get players healed up, and we need have (very little!) time to fix some of the problems. The biggest problem (the way I see it) being help on the coaching staff.
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