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    Birk set for surgery

    its sounds like kelly isn't having a very good camp at all and that he's falling fast on the depth chart.

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    Birk set for surgery

    I'm assuming then with the new center they brought in that Withrow will be 2nd behind Birk and this new guy will be 3rd? I'm assuming the new guy is insurance in case Birk can't play. That way we would have a backup center right?
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    Birk set for surgery

    KFAN reports the surgury is complete. They used a tool slightly larger that a scope to repair the "sports hernia". The sight also reported it can take 6 to 8 weeks for this to heal. The surgeon sounded optimistic though, that he would heal quickly.

    Here's the link:

    I DO NOT want to enter the regular season without Birk.

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    Birk set for surgery

    Yes that would be a huge blow to not have the best center in the NFL. Plus he's the "signal caller" for the O-line. Not good.

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