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    If the Patriots trade Wes Welker, do you think it might be worth it to offer a 2013 second-round pick (or equivalent) to get him? He's 31 years old, but he might be an upgrade to the roster, given who we have at WR. Comments, anyone?

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    I think we need Simpson to have even more of a breakout year than he did last year...

    AND to add another true, deep weapon next off season. Anybody remember, "THREE-DEEP!!??"

    I've been wondering about all the old vets too, but I just don't think any of TO, Ocho, or Burress etc are really going to be faster or more reliable than what we've already got. And could turn out to be bad for the locker room too.
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    Yeah Ball-lick is quickly climbing up my list of least favorite announcers. He was a good coach so I wish he'd return to the sidelines. I wouldn't even mind seeing us go after him when we can Frazier at the bye week haha.

    But yeah it's obvious we need another play maker. Personally I'd love to have Welker, but I'm not sure where he'd fit in because we already have Harvin in that role. We really need a deep threat, and Welker wouldn't make sense for a team that's supposedly rebuilding. However, having Harvin on 1 side of the ball and Welker on the other would have to make defenses nervous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tastywaves View Post
    Good point, and hoping for Simpson to be a savior is a bit ridiculous. We knew going into this year that our WR corps was average at best. I also understand why we didn't sell out for a WR last offseason. So many areas to rebuild, it's more about being opportunistic with what's available. If Ponder convinces the staff that he is our long term answer at QB, then next season I would expect WR to be at the top of our least on offense. The rest of the offense is actually in pretty good shape, providing Ponder continues to improve.
    Agree with above. Well put. Offense could be pretty good with a WR to compliment Percy. We are good a RB and our O line is getting better. Hope Simpson works out then we can fix the D next year.

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