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    Re: Biggest Surprises and Dissapointments

    I don't think we need that much work with the O-line it is starting to come together Herrera and Goldberg are fine as guards, McKinnie has played great, and I think Marcus Johnson will be our right tackle. When we get Birk back next year and maybe hold onto Fowler for depth all we may need are a couple guys later in draft or after it.
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    Re: Biggest Surprises and Dissapointments

    i am very dissapointed in bennett. i thought this was the year he was going to do stuff. i guess not.
    kluwe might be the best punter in the league.

    im surprised by how good fat pat is. i knew he was good, but not this good.
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    Re: Biggest Surprises and Dissapointments


    Pat Williams- Knew he was a beast, but not this BEATLY!

    Kluwe- Chris who? Now we all know, the guy can boot it!

    Herrera- From an infected foot to the starting lineup, didn't see that one coming....and he's producing!

    Fowler- Stepped in and settled everything down in the O-Line, go Fowler!

    Keith Newman-Wasn't this dude supposed to be old and washed up? Dang!

    Cowart- We got our money's worth for him....7th round pick...he was worth it!

    Fason-Has filled in for MOE quite nicely....maybe something to think about for next season?

    E.J.- Responded to the shift to OLB like a pro....playing great now....

    Edinger-Ice cold kicka...but could be more consistent

    Mosley- I loved this dude in college and knew he could do it in the pros...just didn't think it would happen this quickly....glad Tice gave him his shot!

    Edwards- Yet another rookie or non-starter stepping his game up....we're lucky that our team has depth!


    K-Will- Playing slow this season and fat pat is making him look bad....then he got injured....

    Smoot- Shut down corner? Not so least so far....hopefully he will catch up with Antoine....and oh yeah, B-Will is playing great (B-Will hater here, but he has impressed me...maybe his is underrated and Smoot is overrated....just something to think about)

    Burleson-Stay healthy would ya? I think he could be a star, but he has did nothing but disappoint me so far!

    Kleinsasser- Not as productive as years past...needs to quit pussyfootin it and crack skulls like pack in the day

    Rosenthal- Horrible....cut him...can't block without holding

    Liweinski-Sucks worse than Monica

    Ken Irvin- He got cut...WTF??? We renegotiate his contract, and he gets cut.....c'mon....

    Dustin Fox- Wanted to see him play....hopefully in '06

    Napo- Not producing like I hoped he would....wanted to see him play like the prospect we thought he would be....regressed so far...hopefully he'll turn it around.....


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