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Thread: Biggest rival

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    Biggest rival

    Who is the vikings biggest rival outside of the division?

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    Biggest rival

    had to say cowgirls. it took us a long time to get past them in the late 90's. plus they kept us out of a couple of superbowls i believe. giants are more of a neusiance (aside from that championship thing). rams have always played us tough. saints? are you kidding? cardinals? one game. falcons the same
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    Biggest rival

    Yeah but the cardinals are an enemy now. They kept us out of the playoffs and won the division for the Packers then that *** receiver goes and gets the key to the city of GB. I wish we played the cards next year in the dome. The falcons kept us from the super bowl...

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    Biggest rival

    Have to say Dallas.........

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    Biggest rival

    I only say New Orleans for the simple fact that every time that they have made the playoffs it has been the Vikes that beat them. I know that they have a sincere hatred for the purple. I can't say the same for us, I think that they will have to beat us a time or two in order to be our rivals.
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