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Thread: Biggest impact

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    Biggest impact

    Smoot, because people won't be able to pick on our 3rd cornerback (BWill) like they did last year when Derek Ross, Shaw, Jones etc. were covering.

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    Biggest impact

    I would just say to corychavous21 that this is a great thread... it gets straight to the point w/o messin around... I did a search and nobody had a thread related to this one... This is just a high quility thread right here, and keep the good threads comin...

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    Biggest impact

    FAT PAT...

    He eats up two bodies, which will allow K Will to rack up the sacks and allow LBs to blitz more effectively. The pressure on the QB will ease things up for the secondary...we will get more turnovers.

    DT might not be the most glorious position, but can make or break a defense.

    Note: Packer's D with or without Grady Jackson - big difference.

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    Biggest impact

    packers d sucks either way

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    Biggest impact

    Pat Williams is going to blow the line up this year. He will enable Kevin and Kenechi to wreak havoc in the backfield forcing mistakes.
    Smoot is going to be there to reap the benefits along with Sharper.
    Taylor is the question. Lets hope that he makes a big enough contribution that we come back to this thread and post what a surprise he is, pleasantly of course.

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    Biggest impact

    its all starts in the trenches. and with pat taking so much space up inside it will not only make our other linemen better but it will create space for the linebacker corp to be effective with the blitz and run stopping.. also with a better front end it will make the secondary better by giving them more errant passes to chase down..

    this is a great question but an easy answer... a defense is built around its line... everything benefits from A great line... its like asking who will make the biggest impact out of these...
    daunte, jose cortez, or jimmy kleinsausser.... of course its daunte... the offence is built around his position
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