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    Re: Betting Against Your Team

    "purplepat" wrote:
    In hindsight (and possibly foresight), that isn't a bad move. In other words, would I pay $500 for the Vikings to go to the Super Bowl? Vikings win the game, yeah I lose the bet but they're going to the Super Bowl! Lose, and at least I'm compensated monetarily.

    I'm shocked the money line was that high! +1400 is incredible! The Falcons were 14-2 in the regular season. I know the Vikings looked dominant at 15-1, but for a 14-2 team to be at +1400 is unbelievable. At those odds, sure I bet against the Vikings if I bet at all.

    I would pay 500 bucks for the vikes to go to the big bowl!!!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Betting Against Your Team

    "ADubya26" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    I don't bet on avoid this exact predicament.

    For those who do bet against their teams...if your team is gonna lose anyway, you might as well make money off of sucks but it is the ONLY thing that you CAN control about any of the games.

    That being said, it is always better to not HAVE to bet against your team...but the smart gamblers don't let emotion get in the way.
    Yeah, but who's the psychic that says their team will definitely lose? I also try to avoid gambling on sports because you actually dont have ANY control over the outcome.
    Uh... :scratch: isn't that why they call it a "gamble"? :grin:

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