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Thread: Best Helmet?

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    That's right. USA Today knows what's up!

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    Straight cash homie! Our helmets rock!
    The best part of my day is when I get down on my knees, with my head in my hands, and thank GOD for everything he has given me.

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    Nice article. Thanks WOT. The horns ARE awesome.

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    "josdin00" wrote:
    I've always liked this one:

    That's awesome Jos!

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    green bay shoulda been on the worst list.. their helmets suck

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    "VikesfaninWis" wrote:
    Awesome.. I have to disagree with one of the helmets on the worse list. The Baltimore Ravens helmets are sweet. As long as ours are #1 then I am ok with everything else..
    Dude, you have the biggest woody for the Ravens and Ray Ray.

    If the Vikes ever ceased to be, I know which site to find you on! :razz:

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    t_13 is a ISU Clones fan, he's my hero.

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    What do ppl like for college helmets? I always like the white helmet w/ the U that Miami wears, it's classy.

    Then you gotta like Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State (w/ the stickers).

    Any favorites out there?

    How do ya like them apples?!

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    Of course, you don't mess with success.*

    "sleepagent" wrote:
    Now let's just get in some alternate home & away jersey's, like every other team in the league, and spice it up a bit!
    I have to disagree. *see above^
    For me that includes alternate uniforms.

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    Re: Best Helmet?

    I got to agree withe the Steelers helmet being the worst. Not because of the logo itself, but because it's only on one side.

    I've always hated that.

    I love the fact that ours are "Almost perfect". A 3-D effect that makes the horns appear to "stick out" would be another improvement.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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