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    Re:Berrian wants to get back to being big-play guy

    Any talk of Berrian getting cut is completely ridiculous.

    He was fairly productive by the end of last season. Just look at his NFC Championship Game performance where Favre clearly had no problem throwing his way.

    Favre runs the offense the way it is SUPPOSED to be run. That means the open guy ... and if Berrian is the deep threat, there is often going to be someone open underneath him.

    Berrian's contract really is not that bad. He was the top WR in the market that season which made him a commodity to be paid for. We gave him slightly over $7 million a year to help fill a void we have had for years and he paid IMMEDIATE dividends his first year.

    If somehow we can have the injury-prone trio of Sidney Rice, Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin (seriously - is there any top three on any team with these injury issues?) then our WRs are as good as anybodys.

    As for his contract, he makes less than: Roddy White, Lee Evans, Brandon Marshall, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Roy Williams, Devin Hester, Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith, Marques Colston (reported), among others.

    It is not like there are not worse players on the list. Obviously, he is not as good as a handful of these guys, and he is paid more than a lot of players that are probably better than him ... but acting like he is SOOOOOO overpaid is a little off base.

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    Re:Berrian wants to get back to being big-play guy

    Marrdro wrote:
    jargomcfargo wrote:
    V-Unit wrote:
    If Berrian is fragile, what is Sidney Rice?

    LOL! Isn't that the truth.

    Let's say it another way. If Berrian can stay healthy an entire season he should have a very good year.
    No he's not the best wide receiver in the league, but he's pretty good when healthy.

    This year he has not had any hamstring or toe issues in camp so I expect a fast start. And he will likely play a larger role with Sidney ailing.
    I just gotta raise the bullshit flag one more time on this.

    Sure he was injured last year. I think both knees. But he was also well enough to run slot routes. You don't do that with bad knees, hammies or ankles.

    His drastic drop off in yards per catch can only be attributed to one thing.....The staff didn't use him that way.

    I am not gonna give the excuse because most of you will bring up 3 or 4 plays, but you know were I am going with this.......
    Oh please, you were the one who was defending Sidney Rice in 2008 even when he was dressing for every game. Being tough enough to play through injuries is a strength that Berrian has, and Rice has none of.

    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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