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    Bennett's goals for 2004

    All i care is completing his first goal. the rest i could care less about when you think about it.
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    Bennett's goals for 2004

    I was thinking that exact same thing big daddy. For Bennett to get to 10 TDs he's going to have to have some long runs, because inside the five or so he won't even sniff the field none the less the ball!! I have to agree with hawaiian too, the first goal is the most important to me too!!

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    Bennett's goals for 2004

    I can't wait for the season to start. Bennett is going to have a NFC leading season. I Know he can do it. I think Our top 3 running backs are as good as any other teams if not better. It might all come down to play calling. Hopefully Linehan will unleash the Vikings O like never before and lots of records will be broken this year. It sounds like wishful thinking, and it is, but the potential is there and you cant but feel giddy just thinking about it :lol:
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