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    Re: Bennett won't miss opener

    "hic-agvike77" wrote:
    Why wait to find out whats already been proven?

    A year and a preseason has proven this, why wait 3weeks and possibly drop 2 games?
    Because Tice stood by Bennett from the start. All that talk about bringing in a free agent RB escalated when we lost O. Smith for the season. Everyone was salivating over the idea of bringing in a PROVEN back like Shaun Alexander, E. James, or even Travis Henry. But it was decided that M. Bennett was going to be the starter --- no worries there.

    I'm not a big fan of the scat back --- I prefer a balanced back with tackle-breaking power and good speed. M. Moore fits that mold, but I wouldn't consider him a quality back. He could possibly be the starter on our team, but if you think about it.... he would be the back up on almost every other team. I see serious potential in Fason, but he is too green for this season.

    Our running backs will be servicable, but there will be a lot of pressure on Culpepper. I BELIEVE :notworthy: our defense will relieve some of that pressure.

    All that said... who here thinks Bennett will be back next season for the Vikes?

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    Re: Bennett won't miss opener

    Im gonna jump on the Mewelde Moore bandwagon fully after tonights game I bet..

    It's weird that my first sig was a Mewelde Moore sig even though Bennett is my favorite

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