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    oaklandzoo24 wrote:
    Purple_Jesus wrote:
    i_bleed_purple wrote:
    Peterson finally had a better game, our OLine was run blocking much better, but pass D was atrocious.
    I don't know about that. Carson Palmer is pretty damn good, and he had the 3rd worst game of his career. I think our pass D did pretty awesome.
    Yea I'd be pretty happy if our passing D gave up less than 100 yards a game. Especially against a team with Carson Palmer, Ochocinco, Laverneus Coles, and solid options like Benson and Cardwell.
    ooops, I meant pass protection, not pass D. Our pass D did a good job.

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    I think AW's presence on the field raises the bar for the secondary...They seemed to play better today than when AW's out. He makes a world of difference IMO. We need him healthy for the playoffs. Purple People Eaters!!!!!

    We have two great backs...

    i think the horrible performance in the desert helped us get motivated and focused for a stretch run and then the playoffs...

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    Defence was amazing. Pretty much gave the bengals nothing all day. Sure they had a few runs, but as a whole, the bengals were never threating.
    The O was average, and the passing game struggled without Harvin. Hopefully he can get healthy in time for the playoffs.
    Really good to have the running game back. CT and AP did a great job back there. Would like to see the yards per carry numbers a little higher for AP, but I will take the 2 tds and move on to next week.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Great win for the Vikings. They had a lot more intensity in this game then against the Cardinals. Helps being in your own house.

    I agree that Winfield brings a lot to our defense, mostly in attitude and intensity. Good to see him back.

    Sloppy with all the penalties, although the refs did seem a bit flag happy today.

    Favre started off pretty poorly I thought, both with his passes and decisions. I thought he forced a lot of balls into good coverage today. He picked up his game as it went on and sticking with the run was a good move. A lot of that credit goes to the Bengals D, but this is the type of intensity we will see going least in the playoffs.

    Hopefully Harvin gets better, he's a great weapon to have on the field that was missed.

    30-10 over the Bengals, big win over a good team.

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    That was a vindicating win. The Bengals are a legitimate opponent and we just dismantled them. We were just too deep with talent across the board.

    Liked Robison slipped in at tackle on passing downs, nice sack.

    Jasper can hit, man.

    BTW, when did Benson get that fast? I thought he might take that long run to the house.

    Winfield was an immediate huge difference maker...gotta love having him back.

    It was obvious that Favre missed Harvin big time. I hope the kid is ok, gotta feel for him...migraines are nasty. Took Bevell awhile to figure out that our guys were not gonna get any separation from the Bengal's CBs. Motion, short passing, made it's mark when needed. I thought they should have run a few more slants.

    Reynaud will break one yet.

    Griff played a great game IMO.

    Jamarca Sanford played better than expected, at least by me.

    Leber made a couple or three nice plays...just like every game.

    Kevin Williams was a beast today...perhaps he was inspired by MY MAN Ndamakong Suh!

    All in all, not a masterpiece, but, a very solid win against a quality opponent.

    I thought the Bengals gave up.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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    Going into this game i was concerned as the Bengals are a decent side with an excellent RB who has been tearing it up this year but our D stepped up big-time, thought Winfield was outstanding and showed what we were missing but also i give props to Griffin who i thought did a fine job today. The two rookies staring their first game did ok and will certainly come-on for getting games under their belts. The Williams' we're getting excellent penetration and stuffing the run, keeping Benson to under 100 yards was a great effort.

    Great to see our run game going again with AP and Chester, i love Chester for his versatility and toughness, i really hope he sticks around next season.

    Props also to Reynaud for his KR today, thought he did an excellent job in Harvin's absence.

    All in very very happy, even though i did run-out of beer before half time

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    Great win! To bounce back from a beating like last week answers a lot of questions about heart, and showing we can learn from our losses,

    I was impressed with Brinkleys play, For a rook to fill in at MLB and perform as well as he did against Benson, and LJ exceeded my expectations,

    Winfield is an animal! I think his presence alone gives the others confidence, His hits were at all pro level already, Holding Palmer, Chad whats his name, and Coles to UNDER 100yds was beyond what I was hoping for,

    AP, and CT both played well, Petersons 40yds receiving was great! Taylor as usual is excellent at receiving and YAC, You gotta feel good that CT can come in and hurt other teams with running or catching,

    Holding them to under 100yds passing was not only great but a much needed confidence builder for our secondary, Again, Winfield returning made a bigger difference than I would of thought-He led the team in tackles (8), with Sanford 2nd (7)

    All in all beating a 9-3 team that most picked to win makes me feel much better, we're on the right track heading to the most important time of the year,

    Oh yeah, a 20 pt win WITHOUT No Mercy Percy.
    Even if the Vikings lose, I can still find happiness in Bears, and Packer losses.

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    All been said,

    I thought Winny was awesome tonight, solid tackling as you said the rookie MLB played very well considering, still not sure why Heath farwell didn't get a shot

    Favre threw a pick bad throw but played well and I liked he threw big shots downfield, the bungals Cbs were very good tonight.

    CT played great love him coming from the backfield great YAC.

    All in all very happy with all aspects tonight and props to 85 for high fiving cedric after that hit
    Purple till i die

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    I welcome back a Vikings team that plays a physical game.
    The coaches had them ready and motivated to play.
    Great defensive effort.
    The team we saw today is the Vikings team that is a superbowl contender.
    Physical dominance on both sides of the ball.
    We need to impose our will and run the ball to be a championship team.
    We did that today.
    Welcome back AW. You get my game ball.
    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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