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    Bengals D loses DT Peko for three weeks

    I hadn't heard that Peko got hurt. They have some decent backups at DT in Pat Sims and Orien Harris, but still, the Bengals D will take a hit by Peko not being in there.

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    Re:Bengals D loses DT Peko for three weeks

    With EJ out on our side maybe this will even up the playing field a little. I think the Bengals are going to play a good game against us, Iíll take any little help!

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    Re:Bengals D loses DT Peko for three weeks

    Tuff loosing ole Bushy Boy. Gonna make it tough for them to try to run the Ameoba defense on us. This forces thier hand and makes them keep all the LB'rs up.

    One thing to watch, I think, is gonna be if the staff splits Shanc out wide a few times. This will hurt them "Scheme Wise" in two areas....

    a. They love to play man with thier CB's. This will force them to bring a LB out on Shanc and a CB in on PH so that PH doesn't roam free in the middle.

    b. Putting a LB out on Shanc should help up the middle as well. LB out there and the loss of Bushy Boy should make it a bit easier to chew yards up on the ground.
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