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    Re: Bengal Whupping strategy

    "singersp" wrote:
    "mnjamie" wrote:
    I say go no huddle right or use a "Sugar" huddle right out of the gate, using the short passing game and quick hitting run traps up the middle. Been reading all week from Pep, Tice, Looney, etc. that we are a rhythm offense. I see no better way in doing so, get that early touchdown and the monkey off our backs. Then let the "D" do their thing and put the pressure on them... IMO
    Good call Jamie!. I picked this off the Redzone;

    "The word of the week at Winter Park is rhythm, and the Vikings plan to accomplish that by emphasizing the run and short passes that will enable Culpepper, the receivers and the offensive line to get into a groove.

    Culpepper mentioned tight end Jermaine Wiggins and receivers Nate Burleson and Travis Taylor among the "playmakers" he wants to get the ball to quickly.

    "We just need to nickel and dime and get the confidence up of the quarterback and receivers and turn the short play into an explosive one," Burleson said. "Then that gets the rhythm going."

    Burleson mentioned another key.

    "We need to get into the end zone early," he said."

    Not to "toot" my own horn, but "TOOT , TOOT" !!!! They should be paying my unemployed butt to be a "Consultant" to the Vikes ... alot like Tampa did this summer with Bill Walsh ... Ahhh, think of it ... I controlled Ticey and Loooooney like puppets on a string ... The Madness of it all !!!!

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    Re: Bengal Whupping strategy

    "JDogg926" wrote:
    Can any Bengals fans confirm this for me: The Bengals defense is rather young, right???

    I think the no-huddle would work best against a young defense, as you've got a much better chance at finding someone out of position.

    I don't know how young the Bengals D is, but I think they're pretty young considering the players on D that I've heard of all seem to be within their first 3 or 4 years.
    This being Marvin's third year, I can only think of 2 starters who were here when he got here...Justin Smith and brian Simmons...both solid but not special. Our dangerous players are the newbies...who are relatively unknown...

    David Pollack(eventually THE leader of this D), Odell Thurman (the spark plug that lights everybody on fire...reminds me a little of Randle and Ray), Madieu Williams (pro-bowler this year...the best player on our team...better than Chad, Rudi, Palmer, and Willie...wait and see), Keiwan Ratliff (the hardest hitter on our team...after he hits your reciver make sure they get up), Landon Johnson (pure production...his rookie year he recorded the most tackles without even starting in the beginning of the year), Robert Geathers (DE whom many are predicting will get the first double digit sacks in years)

    All of these guys are first and second year guys, but Marvin is one of the best at coaching up....our other vets are solid, but these guys, once they get it...and it won't be long...are killers

    People in Cincy see it...they can smell how Marvin Lewis is putting the pieces together to have a 2000 Baltimore Ravinish style D.

    If you look at the teams Marvin has coached...Pitt, Balt, Wash and see their style of D and their focus on badass linebackers, you'll see who we will become.

    That said, that isn't who we are, so I'm sure you'll take advantage of that with a probowl QB who has seen it all. If you guys had a RB and more answers than questions on your O-line, you'd cream it is, it will be a good game.

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