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Thread: Bench Daunte

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    Bench Daunte

    "Purple D" wrote:
    I really think that if Moss is not playing against the Colts, Then The vikes should go with a two back set. They could rotate to keep fresh but start Onterio and Mewelde and then you never know who is going to get the ball and they are both there to block on passes. I would like to see the vikes try it.
    I also think that Onterio or mewelde would make great lead blockers for each other. :sunny:
    I could not agree more, something creative! MAybe even lineup a RB in the Slot as a WR!
    something witty and comical... followed by genuine sarcasm.

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    Bench Daunte

    hey ultravfan,
    thanks for the reply, and agree that the D coaches are falling short also in scheme and creativity. i would rather be risky on D espcially when leads are on the board and some confidence in the players that they have. and does anyone think that # 29 is a little underrated? i think he has done a bang up job since he has been there. considering all.
    i have another question? can we win a super bowl with culpepper? i am not convinced yet. not that i dont like daunte, but i am still need some more convincing. he is a phenom, but that does not always translate to victories when it counts the most. in nov, dec, and jan. and i guess feb too. so anyone that replies, give me some concrete evidence that he can get us there and win.

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    Bench Daunte

    NFL.COM into front page

    After an embarrassing loss to the Giants in Week 8, Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper was quick to pin the blame on himself. His subpar performance was arguably his worst of an otherwise stellar season. But every player has a bad day and that's why Culpepper is confident he'll rebound. "The big picture is, we're 5-2," Culpepper said. "We have to show some character this week and bounce back."

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