I'm hoping to see the running game do well like everyone else, and I believe it will.

What I would like to see this weekend is some well executed screen plays to WR's and RB's because I believe the Dallas D is going to attack the line of scrimmage very aggressively.

We will see a lot of run blitzes, which are perfect for screen passes outside to Twill and Wade.
When the corners creep up, that is when you hit them for a big play like a go route or a wheel w/ Shanky.

The other thing that could be effective is some QB draws IF TJack's groin is good to go.
I think AD will have another good game (a Moss-like performance in Big D) because he is from TX and he hates to lose.

People have been telling me the Dallas running D is 3rd in the league and that they will be able to shut our ground game down.
I say Dallas hasn't seen a RB combo like AD and CT this season.

Let's look at who Dallas has played StL w/ a backup RB and gimpy line, NY w/ a backup RB, Miami w/ average line and no real threat besides Ronnie Brown, Chicago w/ Benson and Grossman playing, Buffalo w/ promising rookie but no TOP in that game since their D kept scoring, and NE w/ their 3rd string RB playing most of the game.

Wow, what a vaunted rushing D.
You are about to get exposed Dallas.
Oh, and lets not forget Roy Williams is going to get beat for a big passing play or two per game.

Vikes win in a close one due to our crappy passing D: 27-24