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    Being Able To Kick-Off May Help Reyes

    (I took the liberty of posting this whole article because it's from a small paper in Texas)
    [size=14pt]Reyes still taking snaps[/size]
    Though former Allen punter Alex Reyes recently signed with the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent, he is still a well-rounded, level headed young Texan.

    Before the National Football Leagues Draft, Reyes was at home. With all of the pressure from people asking when he thought he would be drafted, and the other surrounding distractions, Reyes made his way to what has always been his second home.

    “I just packed up my pole in my truck and drove 30 seconds down to the creek,” Reyes said. “That’s the place where I can just leave my phone and everything in my truck and just relax. I could drop my line 100 times and not catch anything, but I don’t mind. I just like the opportunity to be there and relax.”

    Reyes and his best friend John Cherry lived in the same neighborhood since they were two-years-old. Every morning they would wake up at 5 a.m. and head down to the creek where they would string turtle lines and wait for the sun to hit the right spot so they could fish.

    The two would get into the occasional neighborhood mischief like water balloons and such, but most of the time they spent their mornings at Bethany Lakes in a spot which they called, “The Creek.”

    “There was this one spot that we would always fish at,” Cherry said. “We would get on our bikes and ride down there almost every day. One morning we got there so early we had to wait an hour just for the sun to come up so the fish would start biting.” And when Reyes decided to take a break from the draft, John made his way down to cast a line with him.

    “Me and Alex will always go fishing together,” said Cherry, who grew up three houses from Reyes. “Actually, I thought if Alex was going to be a pro at something, he would be a professional fisherman. Still to this day we will meet up and go fish at ‘The Creek’.”

    In his senior season at Allen, Reyes was set to go to Southwest Texas University before he was offered a scholarship to Texas Tech, where he played under Red Raiders Head Coach Mike Leach.

    He became the first kicker/punter to receive a scholarship under Leach.

    In high school, under former Allen Head Coach Joe Martin, Reyes was first team all-district for the Eagles, where he was the kicker and punter. Reyes’ high school average was 44 yards per kick and he was the No. 17 punting prospect in the country according to Max Emfinger’s Blue Chip Recruiting 500.

    “We though he had a real chance to go to the next level when he was in high school,” Martin said. “His personality allowed him to handle the pressure of sitting on the sideline and then come in to make an important kick for us.

    “Also you couldn’t just see it, you could hear it. Whenever he kicked the ball, you could hear it all over the stadium and in my 20 years of coaching, you don’t get that kind of kicker very often.”

    Martin said he never told Reyes that in high school because he didn’t want the Allen kicker to get a big head. Beyond that, Martin viewed Reyes as a humble, well-rounded person.

    During his collegiate career at Texas Tech, Reyes punted for 6,890 total yards. He averaged 43.3 yards over four seasons and posted a career high 45.2 yards in his senior season.

    In his junior year, Reyes kicked a career-long punt of 71 yards against Indiana State. Out of 159 attempts, Reyes had only two punts blocked.

    With all of the accolades and accomplishments, it would be easy for the former Eagle to feel that he has done enough. But what Reyes says is most important to him is becoming a well-rounded kicker.

    “I want to be in the top 5-7 kicking,” Reyes said. “But I want to be good at everything. I want a good net average and to pin the other team deep. A lot of kickers might kick it into the end zone for numbers, but I want to take care of all of the little nuances. There are a lot of things that make a kicker great, and that’s what I want to accomplish.”

    As each round of the draft passed, Reyes slipped. Punters aren’t generally high on the priority board.

    On some scouting reports, his strengths were his leg, but his youth and raw talent was held against him.

    After the draft, however, the rush was on.

    All of the NFL teams find out who is left on their draft boards, and what positions they need to fill. Punter was a priority for the Vikings, and they found Reyes instantly.

    “One of my best moments in coaching was when he called me the day he signed that contract,” Martin said. “I thought it was really a cool thing that he included me on that day and it was a special thing for me.”

    With as many options as possible, the low-key Reyes headed out to dinner at Hooters with two life-long friends, Cherry and Bubba Sedlacek.

    Now, Reyes remains focused on taking his game to the next level. He says the game has changed again now that he has moved from the college level to the NFL.

    “The speed of the game is outrageous,” Reyes said. “You have the best players from college all on one team. Where you used to have a weakness or a missed assignment before, they aren’t there anymore. My deep snapper puts the ball in the spot where I want it every time. Everybody here is perfect at what they do.”

    Playing under Vikings Head Coach Ray Childress, Reyes feels confident he can make the team. He is already a personable guy and that adds to team chemistry.

    On the field, he can kick off and due all of the other duties expected of a multi-use kicker. Reyes wants to make himself a marketable player, one who is capable of handling as many responsibilities as possible, which will make him more of a benefit to the team.

    But in the end, he feels that it’s not up to him.

    “It’s whether Coach Childress likes what he sees or not,” Reyes said. “If the organization sees me as a fit for the team, then I will make. I can only go out and perform to the best of my ability, but it is really up to them.”

    Grounded and humble, Reyes has a good idea of his possibilities and limitations. He sees the big picture, and has plenty of support from his parents, to former coaches to hometown friends.

    Don’t be surprised to see Reyes on Sundays kicking in purple and gold.

    Also, don’t be surprised to see him dropping a line 100 times in Bethany Lakes without catching a single fish.
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    Re: Being Able To Kick-Off May Help Reyes

    "COJOMAY" wrote:

    Playing under Vikings Head Coach Ray Childress, Reyes feels confident he can make the team. He is already a personable guy and that adds to team chemistry.
    Heh. God bless small town news. Great find, Cojo!

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    Re: Being Able To Kick-Off May Help Reyes

    Sorry Cojo but Singer already posted this article.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Being Able To Kick-Off May Help Reyes

    nice article, better than talking about the rest of the offseason garbage! LOL

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    Re: Being Able To Kick-Off May Help Reyes

    wow, a punter that might be very good...I like Kluwe though..but if he can kickoff what can we do

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