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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    Don't underestimate the Bears. They KNOW the team to beat in the NFC North is the Vikings.
    The Packers and Lions are no threat and the only team that can prevent the Bears from winning the NFC North is the Vikings.

    Lovie Smith is a very good coach that has his players respect. He will have the Bears ready.

    So far, the Vikings have shown that they are ready to play four full quarters each weekend.
    Childress has made sure the Vikings are off to a good start.

    I am really looking forward to this game.
    This is a hard one to predict the outcome. If the Bears win they will already be 3-0 in the division.

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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    "WaywardHoosier" wrote:
    Don't underestimate the Bears. They KNOW the team to beat in the NFC North is the Vikings.
    The Packers and Lions are no threat and the only team that can prevent the Bears from winning the NFC North is the Vikings.

    Lovie Smith is a very good coach that has his players respect. He will have the Bears ready.

    So far, the Vikings have shown that they are ready to play four full quarters each weekend.
    Childress has made sure the Vikings are off to a good start.

    I am really looking forward to this game.
    This is a hard one to predict the outcome. If the Bears win they will already be 3-0 in the division.
    Heck I payed good money for a Viking win!


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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    Quotes on the Bears Game
    Sept. 20, 2006

    Head Coach Brad Childress

    Video of Brad Childress

    Listen to Childress

    Childress: All right, we have three guys who are questionable for this game; Artis Hicks, Marcus Robinson, and Troy Williamson, just from the game on Sunday. Other than that, bumps and bruises that you would expect from the second game of the year. We've got quite a task at hand here. The Bears, obviously, play a formidable defense and I think they have added offense to that package, so it's a great mix. Usually it takes a little bit longer to get the offense going. Lovie (Smith) knew exactly what he wanted defensively. I have a little familiarity with their staff, and Dave Toub is the special teams coach. He is not afraid to be creative and it's one of the things I like about him. Very good special teams coach. Ron Rivera, obviously, played in Chicago, played the game, has spent time in Lovie's system here going on his third year here, then with the wealth of knowledge with Jim Johnson. So you could face a myriad of looks from this defensive squad. Playing at a high level, they race around, they make plays, and nobody is thinking about what they're doing, that's the thing you see with everybody. It's a very detail-oriented defense. My hat is off to them, Jerry Angelo, Lovie. They got exactly the kind of players they want on that football team. Everybody would like to have more players, but they know what they've got on that football team.

    Q: What happened to Artis Hicks?
    A: I'm just going to leave that alone. I'll let you find out this afternoon. I get tired reading about that kind of stuff in the newspaper, to be honest with you because I I think it's a competitive disadvantage. There are a lot of people that don't write about it. When people know where people are injured, obviously they pick on them.

    Q: When you are targeting player weights with Mike Tomlin, was there a lot of research that goes into that?
    A: It's not research as much as your feel of watching somebody play, so it's position coach, it's coordinator, it's strength and conditioning, it's trainer, myself. We all kind of sit down and talk about individual guys in positions and where we think they're at, how we think they're moving around, what we think the best weight would be, what's too light, what's too heavy, all those things.

    Q: A lot of guys on the defensive line were hesitant at first, but is that a key position for that?
    A: It's a speed defense. If you watch the Bears play it, if you watch Tampa Bay play it, you go and check defensive linemen's weights, sometimes there is a 300-pounder in there but most of the time, those guys are able to run, and able to hit gaps, play their techniques and get to the football. That's what we're looking for. If you're dragging around an extra sack of potatoes or something of that nature, it's harder to get there. We'd rather have them lean.

    Q: What you've seen with (Rex) Grossman over the first couple of weeks, with the maturation process, what problems does he now pose to your defense?
    A: He's had a couple of years with Ron Turner, in Ron Turner's offense. He had a different coordinator his first year. I think obviously, second year, there is a bit little more familiarity. You're not having to think about what you're saying, words create a picture. I've said it before, quarterbacks that can live on the other side and know what's happening on the other side of the line of scrimmage, yet know where all their tools are, are the most dangerous quarterbacks. When you got to think about when you've got to raise your foot, is the guy going in motion, what does the picture look like, it just takes you a little bit longer. He's got the physical tools, obviously he has the mental makeup. I think in its own way it's always interesting for a quarterback that's injured, watching another quarterback play the game. I understand the best thing is for a quarterback to play, but you can learn a bunch of things sitting in meetings all year long and watching somebody else play against different defenses.

    Q: What affect do you think your team's conditioning has had on the success in the first couple of weeks?
    A; Well I would hope that your conditioning coming out of training camp. In some ways you think you are at the highest level of conditioning you can be in. You're fresh, you've been going through two-a- days. When you came to camp with your cardio where you wanted it, hopefully you just accentuated that. Hopefully we're at a high condition. That can't be negotiable. We can't ever say to ourselves, geez, we didn't play as well because we weren't in shape.

    Q: Can you assess the progress of the defense in the new system?
    A: I think obviously assignment-wise it's rote. Always just trusting that system and trusting the techniques they're being taught, I think that's ongoing. Sometimes in the heat of battle, people turn loose in those techniques. Once in a while they can freelance, and that's generally what ends up getting you in trouble if you're not tempoing football the right way, or taking on something the right way, or reading the right way, or backpedaling the right way. I mean there's techniques that go along with the defense. There is a ton of things that we can work on defensively. I don't think there is any question.

    Q: Are there enough varieties in the defense, like the West Coast offense, that allows you to do different things?
    A: In name, I guess it's similar. As you coach through this thing, different coaches believe different things. You know Lovie's background is as a secondary coach. He's coached the linebackers at Tampa Bay, so he's got some different things he believes in with the secondary and the linebackers. Usually as you go through your coaching career there are some principles that you hold on to, regardless of what system you're in that you have to see. Those differences between Mike's, (Tomlin) Lovie's, Rod Marinelli's, a defensive line coach by trade, I think may be subtle and I don't know if you would see them with your eye.

    Q: Are we going to see more fake field goals?
    A: Might. I think you have to be aggressive. I know full well that Dave Toub is looking if we have a fault or a flaw, that's what special team coaches do. Obviously you don't perceive it or see it as a flaw, but there's a different beholder kind of looking at it every week.

    Q: Are you generally a gambling kind of guy?
    A: No, I hate for them to take five dollars off the table if I ever play blackjack. I hate it. I'm not a gambling guy. It fundamentally irritates me.

    Q: Last week you had to face Julius Peppers. Is your offensive line going to face that same kind of pressure this week?
    A: I think so. If you look at the league in two weeks, the number of sacks, how many we gave up, how many eight-sack (games) there were, seven sacks. I think it's a trend and I think the speed on defense obviously has something to do with it. The scheme that these guys are playing, it's not a two- gap defense. This is a control your gap run the football and it allows you the freedom to really cut it loose. We'll face that all year long. We'll face this defensive scheme with its little nuances this week, at Buffalo, and Detroit, so really three weeks running here we'll face this.

    Quarterback Brad Johnson

    Video of Brad Johnson

    Listen to Johnson

    Q: You faced a lot of pressure last Sunday. What do you anticipate this week?
    A: It's two different styles with Chicago and Carolina. Chicago's a very dominant team the last three or four years. The team is very fundamentally sound, I really don't think they care who they're playing against. They do what they do and they're good at it. They've gotten better at disguising things and really haven't changed much over time. They're very good from the front to the middle to the back end. They play a turnover game and try to get you on short fields and then that's when they create havoc. They put people in a lot of third-and-long situations. They're very good at that.

    Q: Brad (Childress) was saying they're very detail-oriented. Is it one of the most difficult teams to figure out?
    A: I don't think it's so much hard to figure out, I think it's just that they're good at what they do. They really don't change up much for many people. They're very sound in all areas involved, all the players they have. They can create havoc with just their front four pressures and when they bring either the blitz or dog packages. They don't give up too many big plays, they create turnovers, play with the lead and that's why they won so many games last year when they didn't score so many points. This year they are scoring a lot of points and they're really pretty much a different team because they're scoring points and playing with big leads right now.

    Q: You have a lot of playmakers on this team. What does WR Troy Williamson bring to the table that maybe nobody else can't?
    A: Troy is very explosive. I've talked about it, it's not just the bomb, it's that little drag route that he caught against Carolina on third-and-10, took it for 30 and really changed the game. We've been a very explosive team here the last two weeks. I think that opens up the running game where you have to kind of roll your cover 2 coverages with him. He's a playmaker and he just keeps on getting better and better through time because he has been getting all the practice reps and he's getting the game time where last year it was very sporadic. He's been explosive actually on the kickoff return too. Every time he's on the field, when you add speed, something good usually happens.

    Q: Have you noticed him influencing coverages so far this year?
    A: He's influencing the game. Whether it's long passes or whatever that happened against Washington, or whether they're playing off and get the underneath coverage with him. Speed kind of puts the fear in people at different times. He's a team player and I think just as many times as you can put the ball in his hands something good happens. The first half last week he didn't really get many touches. The second half it came around to him. Coverage is always going to dictate where the ball goes. It seems like he's running hard and playing hard.

    Q: Where do you think he is now with his potential to where you think he can be?
    A: Have to let that kind of take its time. Really over time you get that man strength where you play through pain, you play through the toughness of 16 games, where you got through training camp and mini-camp and all the way through a 16-game season. He adds something special to this team and for him to be in his second year and as much pressure that has been put upon him, he's handling it extremely well on and off the field.

    Q: Speaking of pain, (Troy) Williamson and WR (Marcus) Robinson are questionable. What will that do to your plans for the game?
    A: They're going to play. They're going to play.

    Q: You had a lot of pressure last week. Was that a surprise and how do you keep guys off this week?
    A: Actually I thought when you play against "Julius Dr. Peppers" man, something happens every week. I've played against him a bunch and he seems to create havoc wherever he's at on the field. I thought his best play was on the fake field goal where he almost blocked it and then actually made the tackle from inside the gap, jumping up and down, and making the tackle on Richard (Owens). He's an explosive player, a difference-maker is what you'd call him. I thought for the most part we actually did a pretty good job against him. Sometimes they get coverage sacks from coverage plays where you get the late hits with sacks and those types of things. For the most part, I thought we did a good job.

    Q: How does having FB Tony Richardson around change your game plan?
    A: That's what's been different within the system where in the past there really hasn't been a fullback in the Minnesota system from a fans' prospective. Tony, he is a proven player and you saw what he did in Kansas City for all those years. You see what's happening, we are staying with the running game. Sometimes we don't get as many initial yards as we'd like to, but as the game goes down we wear people out and we've had some huge hits, especially in the fourth quarter where it's been game- winning drives or game-winning field goals to win it because we've run the ball so much and because his tempo that he brings to this team and what he does on gameday. He's fun to play with and he's probably one of my favorite players on the team.

    Q: Is LB Brian Urlacher harder to prepare for than Peppers?
    A: You're aware of those guys wherever they are on the field at all times. It's a different position from where they're coming from. With Urlacher, he does a little bit of free-lancing on his own. He's good enough to do that, athletic enough. Sometimes he might just green dog and make a blitz, it looks like, or the dog. Sometimes he's great at intercepting the pass on tipped balls over the middle. He's very fast, reads eyes, reads the route recognitions extremely well. Especially when you can play in a system for that long, so they kind of know each other like the back of their hand. From safety play to line play, he's great at it.

    Q: Every game is important, but what does this game mean with Chicago, a divisional game, both teams undefeated?
    A: I don't want to get caught up that this is a must-win type of thing. Obviously we all know what's at stake from it being a conference and division game and a home game. It's like I talked about last week, it's more about the moment this time of year and the greatest thing about our team is that we haven't gave up. We've found ways to make a play when we need to and we've found ways to win against two playoff teams from last year, so (I'm) happy about that. The record at the end of the season will take care of itself and obviously we play Chicago twice and hopefully we will take care of business on Sunday.

    Chicago Bears Conference Calls

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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    Head Coach Lovie Smith

    Listen to Lovie Smith

    Q: Rex Grossman just told us you became a part-time offensive coordinator last week when you called that touchdown play.
    A: It's amazing how rumors can get around. Most of the time rumors aren't true when they get around like that, so we'll just stay away from that.

    Q: Did you see something there?
    A: We had a lot of plays called during that game, and I'm normally not on the offensive side of the ball. I just try to give some support, and that's all I did the other day.

    Q: Talk about the Vikings defense compared to what you're used to and what you've seen.
    A: Mike Tomlin is a good football coach. Karl Dunbar was on our staff here. Fred Pagac I worked with at Ohio State. They have a good defensive staff, a good system, and guys are playing hard, so it's looking good. They've done a great job defensively.

    Q: Will this be the best defense you've played so far this season?
    A: Well each team we play is the best one we've faced, but this is definitely a good defense that we're playing. You just go from man to man. Defense starts up front; they have an excellent defensive line across the board. They have good athletic linebackers, and the secondary is loaded. Again, I don't want to put down any defense we've played, but this will definitely be a test for us this week.

    Q: Talk about Rex and what you see from him this year that's totally different besides the numbers.
    A: Well I don't know if I'm seeing a lot that's totally different when Rex has played. That's the important thing; he's been with us. It's his second year with Ron Turner in the system. He's gotten all those reps from the offseason to the training camp, the OTAs and all that, so I think it's as much that as it is anything. Once you've been in the system for a while, throwing to the same receivers and knowing what to expect, you're supposed to make strides, and that's what Rex has done throughout every phase that we've gone through.

    Q: So you expected to see this from him?
    A: He's our starting quarterback. We have high hopes, yes. We like Rex Grossman; we've always liked Rex Grossman. Rex is a good football player.

    Q: How much of your use of tight ends has freed up the receivers down the field?
    A: Well it's helped quite a bit. That's a good question and a good comment you made there. (Desmond) Clark, our tight end, who has really taken off lately, worked extremely hard in the offseason. He lost weight and he got himself into a position to have a good year. But once you go to a player and you have some success, you tend to go back to him, so the tight end has definitely helped out with the receivers. You could say the tight ends are helping the receivers or the receivers are helping the tight ends, but I'm going to go back and say it all starts with the plan that we have with our running game that opens everything up.

    Q: You're not averaging typical Chicago Bears running games, but it's been effective. Is that how you would see it?
    A: Yeah, I think whenever you're running the football, it can be effective. You would like to have big numbers, but the run sets up everything else. We've rushed the ball over 30 times both games. Of course we like to do that; we're a running football team still. We've had success passing the football, but we're still a running football team, and it all starts with that.

    Q: How much better are you overall as a team than you were last season?
    A: I felt good about our football team last year, and I feel good about our team right now. Last year we went through a period of time where we played well week after week. That's why I felt that way. We haven't done anything this year. We've won two football games; we're tied with another team for first place in the division. We haven't accomplished anything right now, so for me to say we've done anything more than win two games where we were the favorites, I can't.

    Q: Do you see similarities between your defensive line and the Vikings defensive line?
    A: I see similarities with our football teams. We run the same system defensively, so of course there are similarities there. As an offensive football team, they're a running team. The run sets up the pass. We're the same way, so yeah, we have similar approaches to how we would like to win.

    Q: It seems like there have been some dominating defensive performances so far throughout the league. Are defenses traditionally this far ahead of offenses this early in the year?
    A: That's hard to say. Of course I know about the amount of teams that have shut out opponents this year, and I know defenses are playing well, but again, that's after two weeks. Maybe the defenses are a little bit farther ahead, but I can't really say that. I think a better barometer is to wait until you finish the first quarter of the season and then see where everyone is.

    Q: It seems like quarterbacks are getting sacked at a higher rate too.
    A: Well we hope that's the case when we play. We put a big emphasis on trying to get to the quarterback. You can't let the quarterback stand in the pocket. All quarterbacks will find receivers if they can take their time in the pocket. Again, we hope that's the case when we play.

    Q: Talk about Erasmus James' injury and how that hurts Minnesota and helps your team.
    A: I think any time you lose a good player like that, it has to hurt you. You have other players that will step up, and Minnesota has other players that will step up, but the facts are that a good football player is not with the Vikings anymore. Injuries are a part of it. That's why you want to keep as many good players as you can, and Minnesota has not only good talent with their starters, but they have a lot of good depth, and I'm sure it won't be much of a drop-off.

    Q: What are your thoughts on Brad Johnson?
    A: My thoughts on Brad, how can you not like what he's done? He's been a good quarterback in the league for a long time. I've gotten ready for Brad before. I can easily recall coming to Minnesota when Brad was their quarterback when I was in Tampa. That seems like many moons ago, and I guess it was many moons ago. Brad is a solid quarterback that has played at a high level for plenty of years. I don't know Brad well, but just looking at him from the outside, he looks like a great leader that knows how to win.

    Q: How is Hunter Hillenmeyer doing?
    A: He's doing better. Hopefully he'll be able to practice today and be able to go this week.

    Q: Other than that you seem pretty healthy, right?
    A: Yes, we are healthy, and that's one of the things we're excited about. We have maybe one player that won't be able to go today; everyone else on our roster should be able to practice today.

    Bears Quarterback Rex Grossman

    Q: Talk about what it's like to have an offense in Chicago.
    A: Well yeah, I think we've been getting better each game and in each preseason game. We started off pretty slow. We had some moments last year where we were pretty good, but we're off to a good start and really, consistency is what we're after right now.

    Q: How much better overall as a team are you than last year? What is the overall feeling in the locker room?
    A: I think the feeling is that we're off to a good start and we need to continue to work hard and continue to execute the way we know we're capable. We've done that for the last two weeks; it's just a matter of continuing to do what the coaches ask us to do and go out and make plays. Our offensive line has done a great job of giving me time, and the receivers have just done an unbelievable job of going up and catching the ball and coming down with it every play they've been able to make.

    Q: How much of a bonus is it to have Bernard Berrian playing so well?
    A: Well it's great to see. I know not too many people have seen him, but I've seen him for three years now in practice make play after play. He showed some spots last year at Green Bay and in the playoff game when I was playing with him, just making plays. He had a great playoff game, and it's carried over into the offseason and into the start of this year. He's our big play guy, and (Muhsin Muhammad) is playing as good as ever, so we have two great receivers. And then to see Desmond Clark, our tight end, stepping up and making plays too, gives us quite a balanced passing attack. We throw the ball to the fullback a lot too, and hopefully we'll be getting our slot receiver Rashied Davis involved a little bit as well.

    Q: Did you think Berrian was going to catch up to that ball last week?
    A: I did; I didn't realize how far I threw it until I saw him have to dive for it, but he is fast. If you see the replay of that, it looks like the other guys are just walking and he's running right by them. I don't see too many people in the NFL being able to run with him.

    Q: Are you surprised he was able to do that two weeks in a row? Usually teams watch film and don't let a guy like that get behind them.
    A: Yeah, there are going to be a few plays in the playbook for every single team in this league where they feel like they have a big play opportunity going into the game. We had a lot more ready for Green Bay than Detroit; Detroit is a little bit more of a conservative defense. It's just a matter of having those plays called and getting the right defensive look to run it. We are able to get those two plays called with the exact defense we wanted to run them against. That was good timing and good execution by our offense.

    Q: The one against Detroit, did the safety just bite on the play fake as well?
    A: Yeah, it was a very similar look. Both plays were play-action fakes where we wanted to influence the safeties rather than the linebackers, and we were able to do that. We have great coaches here; they understand the responsibilities of the defensive players. The long play to Bernard was actually a play that was drawn up by Lovie Smith. He knows the weaknesses of some of the defenses that are very similar to ours. That was the first time he's done that, and he's one-for-one with a touchdown, so that was fun to see him get involved with the offense.

    Q: What are your thoughts on playing in Minnesota?
    A: I'm excited; it's a great place to play. The crowd is really into it. It's another NFC North rival, and the atmosphere in there is electric. It is fun to be in that game in that stadium. They get that horn going, and it's just a fun place to play.

    Q: What are your thoughts when you look at the Vikings defense compared to Green Bay and Detroit?
    A: Green Bay is a completely different style of defense than Detroit, but I think Detroit, Minnesota and Chicago all run a very similar defense but the personality of the defensive coordinator will dictate their own personality. It's the same family, but in all three the tendencies are a little bit different.

    Q: Do you expect Lovie to get involved in the offense again this week?
    A: He really doesn't add a whole lot. I was surprised to see him get involved last week with that one play that he knew would work. Until he comes up with another play, I'd be surprised if he's involved too much.

    Q: When did he call that play? Was that during the game?
    A: No, he drew it up for us on Thursday or Friday, and we put it in Friday afternoon's practice. They showed us the look they wanted for it, and we got that look, so it worked to perfection.

    Q: What are your thoughts on coming back to Minnesota after this was the place you were hurt when your career was taking off?
    A: That was a tough injury to go through just because I felt like that was my year to get established in this league, and I kind of hit a speed bump there. It took a while for me to get back from that, and now I'm coming back and I'm excited to play the Vikings and conquer that hurdle.

    Q: Would you say this is the best defense you guys have faced?
    A: Yeah, I feel like - with all due respect to the Lions and the Packers - this is probably the most-talented defense we've faced so far for sure because in every position there are great players. The defensive tackles are beasts; they're big guys who stop the run and plug the holes up. They have some pretty good pass rushers and some athletic linebackers. Both corners are excellent, and (Darren) Sharper is an excellent safety, so we're going to have our hands full.

    Q: Talk about your running game. It seems to be ok, but it's not your typical Bears' running game up to this point. Is that because you're throwing so well?
    A: I don't really know why. I think we're close. You can see a lot of plays that we've run in the last couple of weeks where the safety has barely made the tackle on a 15-yard gain that could have been a huge chunk, and that's really what our running game was all about last year, just staying with it and being consistent with it, gaining two or three yards, four or five and then all of a sudden 20 and 30 on a Thomas Jones' cutback. I think those type of runs are going to come. We just stay patient and don't try to change it because we know we have great plays, great offensive linemen and a running back that can see the field and make some great plays. It's nothing to worry about. I know it's coming, and like you said, we have been throwing the ball successfully so that takes some of the yardage away.

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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    I think we'll know the winner of this game by the end of the 1st quarter. Will the defense be able to tame Grossman? Will the right side of that O'line play better? Can we cut down on the penalties? Will our special teams coverage tighten up?
    It's gonna take a better performance than last week to beat those damn Bears, their offense and defense are in true form right now, I'm thinking a trip to the Dome is just the medicine to drop 'em a notch. Isn't it great, I would have had zero confidence going into this game last year, or the year before, or the year before.

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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    Prophet that was great info, thanks, I'll have to plow through all of that this evening.

    bobbybryant - I don't think we'll know anything after the 1st qtr unless one team is up 10.
    I agree with the things to look for, but as with the first 2 games they were both 4 qtr games.
    I expect Sunday to be no different.

    Here is my preview and thoughts on the game...

    Purple Kool Aid

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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    "Vinland" wrote:
    Thats all we get here to is the Seahawks game.
    Would you so happen to know if Spokane Fox is going to broadcast the Vikings-Bears since Seattles game is the late one?


    Handy link for all Fox games (updates every Wednesday).
    Looks like you are in luck, the game will be shown in Spokane. (Subject to change);D

    I don't think the Bears are going into this game underestimating the Vikings, rather, overestimating themselves. Both their wins were against bad teams. 26-0 in Greenbay and 34-7 vs Detroit?
    They are a good team and this will be a test for the Vikes.

    I think it will be closer than any of us want it to be. Sometimes teams (the Bears) can ride false confidence a long way.
    I certainly don't think we have been playing over our heads, but we have a lot of room for offensive improvement.

    I hope they are over-confident because we are due for some picks.

    "Puntalee-wuntalee, yesiree-bob!"

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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    >_< who knows how this damn thign will turn out.. we all know it will be a good game..

    mistakes/penalties will cause the outcome

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    Thanks for the link NAVY!!!
    I got it saved!
    Enjoy the Seahawks-Vikings game....I know I will be watching that one.

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    Re: Bears-Vikings Preview

    "Tarkenator" wrote:
    "Vinland" wrote:
    Thats all we get here to is the Seahawks game.
    Would you so happen to know if Spokane Fox is going to broadcast the Vikings-Bears since Seattles game is the late one?


    Handy link for all Fox games (updates every Wednesday).
    Looks like you are in luck, the game will be shown in Spokane. (Subject to change);D

    I don't think the Bears are going into this game underestimating the Vikings, rather, overestimating themselves. Both their wins were against bad teams. 26-0 in Greenbay and 34-7 vs Detroit?
    They are a good team and this will be a test for the Vikes.

    I think it will be closer than any of us want it to be. Sometimes teams (the Bears) can ride false confidence a long way.
    I certainly don't think we have been playing over our heads, but we have a lot of room for offensive improvement.

    I hope they are over-confident because we are due for some picks.

    Well I think it will be hard to be any closer than the first two games of the season!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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