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    Re: Bears and Vikes...Not much different

    "sMiLeS121304" wrote:
    What a breath of fresh air those stats!! Puts the faith right back up their where it should be! Can't wait for Sunday!!
    What song is your bear dancing to? ???
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Bears and Vikes...Not much different

    Not sure really what song my bear is dancing to, but it looked funny. I am one hundred percent a vikings fan so don't get the wrong idea

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    Re: Bears and Vikes...Not much different

    One other quick stat to point out.
    I know it's only 2 weeks but right now the Vikings are 13th in total offense and 7th in total defense.
    This is the type of balance we've been looking for since 1998.

    Everyone that says the offense isn't good, they are in the top 40%.
    That's not bad at all.
    Of course it's not dominant but they get the job done when they need to.
    To me that's the important thing.

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    Re: Bears and Vikes...Not much different

    better to have an average offense and a great defense than the other way around.
    ...Rodgers had to hold on the ball longer, giving players like Jared "I am completely insane and will literally eat your children" Allen time to sack Rodgers again.And again. And again. Actually I think Rodgers may have nightmares about Jared Allen the rest of the year.

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