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    Re: Bears QB Kyle Orton confounds Minnesota Vikings

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "BleedinPandG" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "C" wrote:
    Plain and simple... this game came down to TWO touchdowns for the Bears on Special Teams... that's all.

    We GAVE them 14 points... there's no arguing that. Plain and simple.
    So what your trying to tell me is that their offense didn't earn those other points against our defense?

    I know I didn't see the game but I am sure if the Bores came on the field and marched down to score without our defense out there I would have seen it on the ESPN highlights film.

    Our coaching staff has preparation issues and that includes the defensive coaches as well.
    Actually the issue was the short field given up to them, not the defense.
    Remember, the Bears only had about 330 yards of total offense, nothing exceptional by today's standards.
    But when a team starts on the 50, there's no room for error on the D.
    I believe they gave up 3 big plays, one of which has a completely break down in tackling, the other 2 were the TE exposing our 3rd string MLB.
    They completely dominated the 4th quarter which is why the O had a chance to come back from 3 scores down to have a chance to go for a tying drive before Gus threw his 4th INT.

    It's funny, normally we defend our D by how many points they allowed but for Sunday's games a better reflection was how many yards they allowed.
    They were just put in very bad positions.
    Excellent points my friend.

    Problem I have with that is it wasn't to long ago that when our Offense gave the team short field they only gave up 3's.
    Now a fella can almost guarantee it will be 7.

    As I told EJ, don't give up trying to sway me back, but
    I am down on this entire coaching staff and none, because they are all culpable in a way, will be spared by criticisms.

    You know me, I think these things out long before I state them and I have been stewing over this for about 2 years.

    (Key note:
    This meaning inconsistent play and the coaching staffs ability/inability to deal with it).
    I think the defense, while it looks much better on paper, isn't performing as well because teams are used to the cover 2 now. When we started using it it seemed like it was just becoming the big thing in there NFL, now everybody and their mom can explain the logistics of a cover 2 and how to beat it.

    Same thing will happen with the wildcat, more and more teams will use it as a wrinkle, until it's expected, then it's useless.

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    Re: Bears QB Kyle Orton confounds Minnesota Vikings

    He is better than peyton manning
    We're bringing purple back.

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