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    The Battle of Will

    How will we bounce back from that embarrassment in Chi Town last week? How with the Pack bounce back from that drubbing in Philly? This week is going to say a lot in my opinion. Do you guys think the Pack will show up flat this week? I dont think they handle losses very well.

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    The Battle of Will

    I think the pack will whoop up on the lions even if they do come out flat. We can only hope that harrington has a good game. I think it might be better to see the lions get demoralized and quit for the rest of the season. Teams without hope have a harder time staying in games later in the season.

    As for the Vikes, it wasn't a total embarassment last week. We need to stop alexander this week.

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    The Battle of Will

    GO LIONS! :cheers: Oh by the way Packers Suck
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    The Battle of Will

    We weren't complete embarrassed last week. At least we lost with some dignity. Sorry to say I only caught the last few minutes of the game, but I did manage to catch the beating Philly gave the pack.

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    The Battle of Will

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