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Thread: Bad News

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    Re: Bad News

    C'mon... the Vikings are trying to buck the old trends --- collapsing in the 2nd half of the season, losing to Green Bay in the final seconds, always losing on the road, not being able to play outdoors, always losing to the NY Giants.

    One trend I hope they continue is winning at home.

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    Re: Bad News

    its the browns. who cares who plays for them, they still suck.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Bad News

    "DPep11" wrote:
    He played for Toledo, correct?

    If Dilfer blows bad, we will see him. This is all the media has talked about the past few weeks here. There is a lot of pressure on Romeo to have him play.

    Go ahead and have him play, his WR's and RB's drop most passes that are thrown to them anyways!

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    Re: Bad News

    Clevland doesnt have a chance,none whatsoever.
    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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    Re: Bad News

    "it doesnt matter who we face"something from the rock

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