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Thread: Bad Drafts

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    Re: Bad Drafts

    sheesh vikeXman84!!! i was about to post a novel because of you! :lol: you did get me to smile though.

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    Re: Bad Drafts

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    1998 Randy Moss WR Marshall
    1997 Dwayne Rudd LB Alabama
    1996 Duane Clemons LB California
    1995 Derrick Alexander DE Florida State
    Korey Stringer OT Ohio State
    1994 Dewayne Washington CB North Carolina State
    Todd Steussie OT California
    Looking over the list i had to laugh when i saw Duane Clemons. Not to say that he was the biggest bust (although he was a bust IMO), but do any of you remember that game against Dallas when he deliberately punched Flozell Adams in the nuts (he wasnt wearing a cup). I think it was a nationally televised game too.

    What a dumba$$.

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