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    Re: bad article bout new D

    well you have to think who would be in the top ten.. of course you got baltimore, pats, iggles, falcons, washington.. who else? we could fit in there i believe.. cottrell did run a top ranked D with good players... i think we have as good of a D he had or even better

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    Re: bad article bout new D

    what do u mean we cant jump that far in the D rankings look at the Falocons in 2003 they were the 32nd ranked D and look how high they went up anything is possible just be optimistic come on

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    Re: bad article bout new D

    this is cotrells second year and now has some talant to exicute his game plan. not to mention he now has some leaders who have played for him before . top 15 this year top 5 next year!!

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    Re: bad article bout new D

    "ndakvikefan" wrote:
    You guys are incredible. That was a viking website not national media everything they said is very possible, and for those of you who think this d will be top ten are smoking dope with O Smith.
    Yes they made some nice free agent pick ups but tell me one superstar game changer in the whole bunch. Smoot? Yes he was a considerable upgrade but in his best season I think he was a Pro- Bowl alternate, Pat Williams yes he will help stopping the run and take some of the doubles off K. Will but he only plays on first and second down. I have read if he weight gets over 325 his production goes way down. Sharper ? can one of you out there guarentee he wont be hampered by injuries like he was last year. Cowart, same thing can anyone tell me that he is back 100% from knee injury, and if he is why did it only cost a 7th round pick ? that by the way the vikings get back if he is not on the opening day roster, sounds like to me that the people who do know what they are talking about i.e. coaches and trainers are not even sure.
    Like they said the defense cannot help but get better and top 15 would be great. They were what 28- 30th in defense all last year and you think they will jump over 18-20 teams? Be a little realistic Where is the improved pass rush going to come from ???? Maybe with better coverage it will givce the DL time to get in on the QB and hopefully EJ and Dontarious and Scott and Udeze have better years.
    I think the d will be much improved and I do like what free agency has brought so far, but to jump into the top ten Defenses in the league there are alot of should be's betters and if they stay healthy's and if they are back from injuries out there to be answered before anyone should make this team the second coming of the purple people eaters.
    I looked all this up weeks ago, and posted it too, but I can't recall where. So, here I go again:

    Last Season, our Defense was 28th overall with an average of 368.9 yards per game. The #15 team was Cleveland with a 325.9 ypg average. 45 ypg seperated us. #10 was Philly with a 319.7 ypg average.

    Our Run Defense was rated #21 with a 125.4 ypg average. #15 was Green Bay with a 117.4 ypg average, and #10 was Atlanta with a 105.1 ypg average.

    Our Passing D was #29 with a 243.5 ypg average. #15 was Chicago with a 208.8 ypg average. #10 was Baltimore with a 195.1 ypg ave.

    So, what's my POINT? With the improvements to our Defense, we should EASILY be able to move to the top 15. And, from there, it's only a hop, skip, and jump to the top 10. Is it possible? DARN TOOTIN' RIGHT!!!

    Argue all you want about Sharper being slower now, Williams being fat, Harris being a "wanna-be", and Cowart being washed up...I don't think that's all that accurate. They are all BETTER at their positions than the people we currently have there...which is why (DUH!!) we picked them up.

    As for writers of ANY kind (Me included), all they are putting out there is their OPINION. In MY opinion, the opinion of the guy writing the original article holds no water. Sure, we COULD fall apart and be worse, but the odds are, we won't.

    And, if we DO step up and dominate, I don't want to see THAT GUY anywhere near the party. All the "Doom-n-Gloom" fans can go have their own little anti-celebration somewhere Green Bay. For the first time in YEARS I'm excited about our Defense...piss in my Wheaties at your own risk.


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