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    Back to the grind

    Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams breaks down his team's offseason, from practice sessions to the acquisition of Jared Allen. 0grind

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    Re: Back to the grind

    Cool man, nice find. Maybe the first Kevin Williams interview I've heard, I like how he talked about "good guys" as Childress likes to call them. Kevin is big to our success this year and I expect him to get back to better sack production, he is bar none the best DT when he's on his game. Depending on how consistent he is this year along with JA its a very scary tandem for any O Cordinator to prepare for. Hopefully he's in good shape and his knees are feeling good.

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    Re: Back to the grind

    Very interesting listen.......Thanks my friend.

    "Call em what you want, they are still practice"
    "Working on what was wrong last year".

    Hmmmmmm, very interesting.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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