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    Back from the dead

    A nice article by Pat Kirwin of

    Whatever could go wrong did go wrong for the Vikings earlier this year on and off the field. When the team stood at 2-5 back on Oct. 30, most of the blame fell square on the shoulders of Tice. He lost his quarterback and looked doomed to finish up his last season as the Vikings head coach with a two- or three-win season. It was easy to forecast the demise of Mike Tice. But the lowest-paid head coach in the NFL didn't fold up and let all the negative publicity surrounding him and his team ruin their season. Since that day in late October, with a backup QB, the Vikings have won six straight games and will get a shot at the playoffs if they can win out.

    Not many people really understand how lonely it is at the top of an NFL team when things are bad, but I do. And I also know Mike Tice is one tough man who has looked his players in the eye and they didn't see fear. Here's a coach who signed receiver Koren Robinson, a player no one wanted to touch, but Tice took a chance and now Robinson has touched the ball 63 times for 1,396 yards and three touchdowns. I have no idea if Mike Tice will be back as the Minnesota coach next year, but I do know he never gave up on this season and deserves a little recognition.
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    Re: Back from the dead

    I hope Tice comes back next year. I like the big lug.

    We do need an offensive coordinator, though.

    If we keep our D intact next year, and get a healthy Matt Birk back in the lineup, our offense will be much, much better.

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