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    Re:Back Away From the Panic Button, Vikings Fans

    midgensa wrote:
    thorshammer wrote:
    Truth of the matter I would not want to be playing us next week .... I bet we come out nasty and cranky ....
    Definitely with you on this one.

    I do not think the Bengals are going to beat us this week (of course I did not think the Cardinals would either). I just think this is going to light a fire under our ass.

    Also ... it is in the dome. Our two "tough" opponents remaining are in the dome and I don't think we are going to lose a game at home (unless the final one does not matter, which it just might not).

    I think the Bengals offense is a lot more manageable than AZ's and I think that the Bengals defense, while it has playmakers, lacks the safety presence that made the Cards so impressive last night.

    We get back on track this weekend. Just instead of the 95% confident I was with the Bengals game before it is like 87% now.
    Well I am praying this isnt a jinx by saying this, but everytime my wife joins me for a game at the dome we win.

    We will be at the dome this Sunday.

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    Re:Back Away From the Panic Button, Vikings Fans

    The Viking loss to the Cardinals was a team effort. The media wants to blame Brett Favre, but the rest of the team didn't show up. :S

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    Re:Back Away From the Panic Button, Vikings Fans

    NordicNed wrote:
    No panic here, sometimes in sports, you need to get an ass whooping to wake up. We recieved the first part, now lets see how well we respond to that beat down.

    My prayers go out to EJ and his Family and Team mates. Very bad injury, but I believe over time, he will beat it.

    Time for others to step up and fill that void, simple as that.

    This is still a very good team.

    A very big +1,come on guys we ve lost two games out of 12 against the SB last year performers and on the road,ahead schedule is not easy but I am sure we ll get a first round bye.

    Go Vikes.
    El underdog.

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