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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS


    Check this out:

    Williams’ Prognosis Still Uncertain
    By Lane Adkins
    Date: Aug 18, 2004

    While the Vikings are hoping their official "two to four week" prognosis for the return of cornerback Brian Williams is accurate, there is still some uncertainty if they can truly be confident with that assessment.

    It may be premature to place a help wanted sign out front of the Minnesota Vikings training camp facility in Mankato, but the recent knee injury suffered by starting cornerback Brian Williams has the team concerned. Counted on to be a factor heading into the 2004 season, Williams could be lost indefinitely.

    In what the Vikings medical staff has deemed a knee sprain, the team could least afford to lose the steady and improving three-year pro from North Carolina State. With Williams teaming with Antoine Winfield, the Vikings’ prize free agent acquisition this past off-season, Minnesota appeared to be in prime position to improve its defense under the direction of coordinator Ted Cottrell.

    "The loss of Williams is a significant issue at this time," a team source said. "He made great strides last season and is an important part of what we are doing here. He and Winfield provide this defense an entirely different look, especially playing under the new defensive scheme."

    The knee sprain, a diagnosis which has been less than convincing when eluded upon by Vikings personnel, could be an injury that hampers the promising cornerback for much longer than the three to four weeks he is projected to miss. With any knee sprain, there is a degree of damage to the joint and supporting structural mass, which is easily regarded as a sprain.

    In the case of Williams, indications are he has indeed suffered moderate ligament damage.

    "Our early evaluation of Williams was that he could have suffered a torn or partially torn ligament. Once the immediate trauma to the knee was further evaluated and after an MRI, our worst fears were not realized," the source continued. "He has some issue with the knee, but the structure is sound and at this time rest and rehab are the first option to partake. A good sign is that the swelling in the knee has subsided and the pain has lessened to a certain extent.

    "If the knee does not respond over the next couple weeks, we may have to take another look at it. Right now, we don’t want to rush him back too soon — that could potentially create further damage to the knee and set his recovery back."

    Veteran Ken Irvin, originally expected to be the team’s nickel back this season, is now expected to take over at the corner in Williams’ absence.

    "Irvin played reasonably well last season for us. He played out of position for a good portion of the season. He truly is a third or fourth corner at this point in his career," the source added. "We’re confident he will rise to the occasion and play well in Brian’s absence."

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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS

    not a reason for panic. But not good either. Fortunately we don't play a passing power house until week 7 with TN.

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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS

    This was yesterdays paper, kind of a different prospective.

    Posted on Tue, Aug. 17, 2004

    Defensive back Williams sidelined


    Pioneer Press

    MANKATO, Minn. — Say one thing about this Vikings preseason camp: No defensive back will be able to claim he didn't get a shot to show his stuff.

    Starting right cornerback Brian Williams is out with a knee sprain suffered in Saturday's exhibition victory over Arizona and could miss the season opener Sept. 12 against Dallas. Veteran Ken Irvin, the man who theoretically would step in for Williams, is dealing with family issues and missed Monday's practices, though he's expected back as soon as today.

    Which leaves a handful of relatively anonymous players — the likes of Rushen Jones, Reggie Austin and Horace Willis — ample opportunity to assert themselves.

    "It's a Wally Pipp deal," Vikings coach Mike Tice said. "When somebody's out, somebody else gets a chance. We've got a lot of young players who we don't know much about at cornerback. Now they're going to get a chance."

    Tice said the news on Williams is not as bad as initially thought. There apparently was no notable swelling in the knee on Monday, and the prognosis is a two-to-four week recovery with an appearance in the season opener against Dallas "on the bubble," according to Tice.

    "But adrenaline's a funny thing," the coach added.

    Irvin, meanwhile, was given a leave, no questions asked, by Tice to miss as much time as he needs to sort out his family issues. Tice even offered to have Irvin meet the team in Atlanta for Friday's exhibition game, but the 10-year veteran said he'd be back as early as today's drills.

    "He's a pro; give him some time to regroup," Tice said. "Whatever he needs, he needs — a little time, a little space."

    In an interview I saw last night Williams himself said that he would be back for the opener.

    So I don't know who to believe right now and I am hoping that he is ready and that it doesn't linger. :thumbright:
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    As far as I'm concerned, I have every faith in the Vikes' doctors to make sure Williams isn't rushed back into service. Besides, Irvin is more than capable to fill in for as long as needed, and I think Rushen Jones is coming on. I don't think we need to worry too much. :thumbright:
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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS

    Well as long as the defensive line can pressure the other teams QB it shuld help some.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS

    I'm not worried about Ken Irvin but I am a little concerned about Rushen Jones as the nickel. But what worries me the most is who will play as our dime back? We don't have anyone at this point with any eqperience.
    I hope Williams is able to return soon, and if he is we will be just fine, but if it takes a whole I would feel better if we picked up a proven CB if there are any cap cuts.
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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS

    I wonder if dieon does comeback if the vikings would be interested?

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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS

    I'd almost have to question my loyalty if Deion came to the vikes!

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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS

    In yesterday's scrimmage, our D, without brian williams and keny irvin, destroyed our offense. They only gave up 1 TD to our 1st team offense in 15 tries and stopped them on 10 or 11 of those 15 possessions. Considering how offensively weighted those scrimmages are, it is a great sign when our d kills our offense, without our #2 and #3 CB's. Yes it was only a scrimmage, but our offense usually kills our D in those scrimmages, especially in the passing game, and rushen jones stepped up as did our other young CB's.

    I hope we don't rush him back to soon. I would let him sit out the dallas game, since they don't have a dangerous passing attack. If he missed the philly game too, it wouldn't be that bad either, since TO is their only good WR and we would have winfield on him. We also have a bye week in week 4, so that might help him and us, if his knee takes a lot longer to heal. WE definitely can't aford anymore injuries to CB's though, and i wouldn't mind seeing us look for a vet to bring in.

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    B. Williams....NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD...SOS

    I'd be ridiculously elated if Prime-Time came here, but he won't.

    Although maybe Moss could lure him back by promising he wouldn't have to cover him anymore :lol:
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