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    B.Williams ??!!??

    What is the story with Brian Williams? I thought he signed his $1.43Million tender offer on the second day of the last camp? Now I read that he is not coming to camp because he is unhappy with his contract/has not signed it yet. Any info?


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    Re: B.Williams ??!!??

    From what i've heard, he does not like that they signed Smoot, making him the nickel back, but my question then is why did he just sign a new contract?? doesnt make much sense to me
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    Re: B.Williams ??!!??

    I though he had signed the tender, but I just read that he had not. All I know is that this is a optional camp, though he should be here. It seems like he is pulling an Eric Kelly.

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    Re: B.Williams ??!!??

    I thought he did to.
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    Re: B.Williams ??!!??

    He's in Carolina visiting family and his daughter he never see's. He'll be in Training Camp.

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    Re: B.Williams ??!!??

    He's with his family training on his own (it's still an optional camp, even if the team does expect veterans to be there) and he's gonna be ready for training camp.

    Both he and Chavous were at the mandatory mini-camp last week (or whenever it was) so it's not such a big deal.

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