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Thread: Attitude

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    Re: Attitude

    I have to admit, this was a huge win for the Vikings. Being able to go into the Meadowlands against a 6-2 Giants team who have whooped us every year since 2000 and get a victory, now that is impressive. Not only that, but how we won. The Minnesota Vikings won with *gasp* defense and special teams? Wow, I never thought I would say that.

    Del Rio, all of those things you said were true. Our defense is stepping up and to tell you the truth, I am starting to develop a little bit of faith in them. No more letting the teams drive down the field and score touchdowns every possession. They are actually getting some 3 and outs and some turnovers.

    Let's hope this not only carries over to next week on MNF, but also that it starts to build on itself and magnifies. I think everyone knows that GB is going to be playing us hard, especially after the game earlier in the year and especially the playoff beating we gave them last year.
    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Attitude

    del i agre and disagree, i was not expecting pep to get hurt. i think pep is a much better qb than b.j. but something was missing [emotion?] last week when one of the players lined up wrong b.j. grabbed him and yelled something at him [later they were laughing about it] he just showed emotion i guess. and as far as me being wrong, yep i was. at the time i thought i was right. 9 out of 10 times you will when our arguments. that does not mean i am not going to speak out. p.s. antoine winfeild is sooooooooooooooo awesome.
    "you dream of beating me, its time you wake up and apologize."

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    Re: Attitude

    LOL. I agree Del,when we ran that stunt I thought to myself that Cottrel must have read a book..
    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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    Re: Attitude

    It's not about being right or wrong from my side of the fence it is you talking shit on our team for weeks on end, daring someone to mark your words and then being totally wrong.

    It is never between me and you.

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    Re: Attitude

    is it me or is K-will looking trimmer and getting to the ball and in the face of the qb more, he had atleast one of those batted balls probably more. everybody stepped up so much more. that hit on shockey was a thing of beauty. i feel like the season just started.

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    Re: Attitude

    Yes, I think the road win against a decent team will do wonders for a team that has not had much going for it this season. The monkey is off the back from the NFC Championship game and now we're heading into a stretch of some games that can be won as long as the attitude stays positive and the on-the-road-blues are behind us.

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    Re: Attitude

    I have been saying since week 1 that this team needs time to "gel" and come together and start communicating on-field. I thought it would take about 4 games, and I think that was right. What I see on defense is bringing a smile to my face. I see a LOT of talent. We look like a Pro-Bowl team, except for maybe at linebacker, but I have to agree that Napoleon Harris looks good. One guy on defense is stepping up each week and having a HUGE game. Last week (vs. Detroit) it was Winfield. This week vs. NYG, it was Sharper. We just have guys in the secondary who have talent to burn !!

    Special teams, well, not much left to say after yesterday (Giants game).

    Offense: I just am glad that Brad is "managing" games and not losing them for us. he looks decent, but not great, but he clearly knows how to not lose the game for ya.

    All-in-all, I see this team starting to gel... :grin:

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    Re: Attitude

    A lot of people said the team needed to gel, I just don't think they expected it to be such a rough go.

    They still have plenty of work to do. I think the Giants were expected a pushover and when we started throwing punches they were not ready for what we were bringing.

    The Packers will be an even better test.

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    Re: Attitude

    Can we all say THANK YOU WINFIELD for calling the coaching staff out for not being aggressive enough in its play calling? I think the attitude change seemed to come about after AW had to balls to say it like it is. :smile:


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    Re: Attitude

    "jimmymac" wrote:
    I guess that I'm more convinced than you Del Rio. It's just my opinion that Culpepper, on the field and off, always looked and acted like he was on Xanax. No heart or fire.
    I will give BJ his credit for his composure.

    I will say that we have two wins since he has taken over.

    But I will not say that it is entirely Brads doing that we have 2 wins or that the attitude has changed.

    WHAT IF............

    The Defense is playing better.

    The O-line man handled Det

    Manning gave us 4 INTs

    The coaching staff is calling the game different.

    And what if it is the attitude of the players. What if the rest of the team was relying on DC too much and they finally decided to pick it up. What if someone just slapped the Vikes in the face and they woke up and said we better start playing harder or we might as well go home and not even finish the season.

    BACK TO ATTITUDE, the topic.

    I heard on KFAN that there were some fights in practice last week. Some fire in practice, WOW! Bennett was one of the guys in a fight.

    BTW Sam Rosen is on KFAN right now, love that guy, miss his TV show on Sundays. Don't get it down here in Houston.

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