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    ASU alumni Tarvaris Jackson makes mark on NFL, area youth

    June 23, 2007

    [size=13pt]COMMENTARY: ASU alumni make mark on NFL, area youth[/size]

    By Josh Moon
    [email protected]

    Tarvaris Jackson sat on a folding chair under a tent in a corner of Alabama State’s practice field on Friday and fired off jokes and barbs at anyone willing to play along...

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: ASU alumni Tarvaris Jackson makes mark on NFL, area youth

    As for me, I believe Tarvaris is gonna take the league by surprise this year. He will raise the level of play around him. This year the wide-outs show up, and with a 1-2 punch running, Memo on 3rd down swinging out, Sydney and Troy stretching the field and the Shiancoe getting down the seam, we should be vastily improved. I think T-Jack is gonna bring a whole new look. He has the arm strenth to put that ball in some tight spots, unlike Brad, who wanted to, but stay'd safe and always checked down. We are gonna be loving it, and I can't wait.

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